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    1. I'm hoping the next album will be pop/electronic/dance/techno
    2. Oh! So that makes sense... I didn't consider the older phone. Thanks.
    3. That's why I'm confused as well. I get the numbers make sense to the letters, but why are there extra 7's and 4's, etc.? And how did @ScrewTheUser know when to add the extra numbers? Congratulations, though!! Hope you pick out a nice prize.
    4. Wow! I haven't seen the leaked stills that everyone is talking about. I can't believe all the leakage that's going on. It's confusing because from what I remember, leakage happens once announcements are made. But nothing really has been confirmed about a new era. I hope whoever is doing the hacking stops, especially because it's incomplete/not presented in the form Gaga wants it to be viewed in (assuming this is real).
    5. Likely because she did release Born This Way content on gagaVille. And remember when she tweeted this? I never played Fortnite, but I'm still interested in what's going on.
    6. Omg! I haven't seen that in years. That was extremely fun to rewatch. 🎆 One of my favorite Lady Gaga performances: Her movements throughout this performance are incredibly intriguing and fascinating to me. It's just absorbing from beginning to end. Also, I love this one so much:
    7. I voted for artRave: The ARTPOP Ball Tour because it was the first concert I ever attended and there was an incredible amount of energy in the atmosphere. It was very freeing.
    8. Yes! The timing is perfect. ⏰ I'm so excited to also be here. Hopefully also to spread positivity and kindness. I just read through the featured posts in Communications: Forum Rules, Get to know your moderators, and Forum Bugs & Feedback. 💬 Everything is so fresh and organized! I love being able to use the paint brush to change my theme. I've changed it a countless number of times already.
    9. It took me a while to figure out what my favorite Lady Gaga song was because I never thought I could say. But I think I took some time to figure out my final answer. My favorite Lady Gaga song is Bad Romance. ♫ Je ton amour, et je veux ta revange. ♫
    10. Wow! This grand opening is incredible. "The Door is here to spice up your experience of the Forum! This mysterious section will require a "key" to access what's inside. More information will be given in the upcoming weeks on how to unlock the door and take a peek at what's inside. The first few people to enter will be eligible to win an amazing selection of prizes locked inside. " @M△⃒⃘tt Putting together a space to breed love toward one another in the fan base is already kind within itself. But it's also extremely generous to offer prizes along with the grand opening. Thank you. ♫ "I stand here waiting for you to bang the gong." ♫
    11. ♫ One, two. Yeah. The gears are shifting.


      Thank you, M△⃒⃘tt!