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  1. Gay all the way I've been told I look cuddly
  2. OMG MY DATE WANTS TO CUDDLE WITH ME I'm literally hyperventilating cuz our date is tomorrow
  3. OMG that's adorable! May I be so lucky lol
  4. Lady Gaga, Carly Rae Jepsen, Grimes, BANKS, Tove Lo, Slayyyter, Rina Sawayama, Dua Lipa, Florence + The Machine, Alice Chater
  5. I'm going on my first date next week with a guy I met on Tinder! How about you guys?
  6. Mind sharing? I can't produce but I love to sing!
  7. When the sirens start to weep And the mist encroaches on the land Rolling down from the drumlins Summoning evil hands When the choirs start to shriek And your field of vision disappears Cacophonies of panic Play as a rapture in your ears They are here They are here They are here When the beggars take to taking And the thieves to thinking straight Run with them as fast as you can Lest you be the sealer of your fate And when the hisses, cracks, and moans Pierce the opaqueness off the air You'll know that you were too late They have beaten you there They are here They are here They are here
  8. What did you write? I'd love to read it!
  9. So I love songwriting, and was wondering if anyone else here does and if we could share some of our writing! A falling beam of moonlight Found its way onto my face It woke me up past midnight Right before the sun was due to wake I rose up out of bed, and got to an early start The moon had woken me from my slumber Though we are so so far apart A flaring blast of wind Swept down from the sky so gray It shivered my bones and shook me up good What a miserable winter's day Though it formed within the heavens It reached my body with utmost force Descending unchanged for miles Keeping the exact same course Some things don't have to touch you to turn your livelihood upside down Sometimes objects nearest are the hardest to keep around Some people don't have to know you well to keep you feeling good Sometimes those who we want to know the most are one's we've misunderstood
  10. ooh I'm gonna need a link to that, love horror
  11. Taking a break from college atm, was a meteorology student. If I go back in the fall I'd do journalism Gonna get a job at a grocery store near me that is very diversity inclusive
  12. twitter users who know each other personally Gaga/her team have nothing to do with the leaks
  13. thanks! are u also SwissMonster on GGD? I remember ur Q&A
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