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    1. Yeah... They probably want as many views as possible in the original post
    2. Thank you so much for the tips! They are gold ❤️ Little monsters really need to work hard and make it to the top 👊 I know we can do it 🥰 Spread the message as far as possible, monsters!!
    3. That kinda makes sense 👁️👄👁️
    4. Omg girl, how I wish... Really going to use this candle for my enigmaisgoingtoendin2020 spells
    5. Hey y'all! So, this print was all over Instagram and people were saying if they posted the Stupid Love teaser on Facebook, they'd receive a copyright warning, muting the video because there was a new song called "Overture Orch 1", from Gaga. If we notice, "Overture" means an introduction (or "an orchestral piece" at the beginning of something): As for "orch", a short form of "Orchestra". Months ago, I don't really remember who/when, posted on Instagram that they were using orchestral sounds for Gaga's new album. Strings and stuff like that. I guess, then, what we're hearing in the music video teaser is the INTRO of LG6. It might be only instrumental, or there could be lyrics in it. We can't be sure. But the tracklist might be: 1. Overture Orch 1 (Which would be the intro) 2. Stupid Love Well, at least that's what came through my mind. What are your thoughts?
    6. Hey y'all! So, as the title says, how many tracks do you think LG6's going to have? Would you like it to have as many as in BTW or something more like Joanne? Or maybe less? If the theory about CHROMATICA and the whole color scale is right, I think it's maybe going to be a 12/14 track album. It'd probably have 14 tracks if white and black were going to be represented (which I'd love to see). In my personal opinion, I'd like the album to be as long as BTW, but if it's short and concise, I'll love it the same way. What are your thoughts in this?
    7. I don't really think she's going to change the whole concept of the show... She's probably just going to sing Stupid Love and one more single and continue to promote LG6. Then as Enigma comes to an end (probably by 2021), she's going on tour for LG6 (as HDD confirmed), where she'll sing most of the tracks from the album.
    8. hi hi sisters

      are y'all getting ready to stream SL this friday? cuz i am


      gonna spend the whole non-weekend last day of vacation i have (and obvs the whole weekend) streaming it

      and of course i'll find a way to keep streaming while i'm at school


      that's it, keep hydrated and STREAM STUPID LOVE THIS FRIDAY

      xoxo, filthypop


    9. Well, just wanted to make an appreciation thread for this masterpiece 👁️👄👁️ One of the best from the Circus album imo 🎪 What do y'all think of it?
    10. Born This Way, totally 🖤 It's my favorite album of all time, it just reminds me of so many things... And it has a really strong connection with me 🥰
    11. Also, I love how the concept can be about the chromatic scale and the songs based on each color 🥰 I'd like to see black/white represented too, 'cuz if we're going through this direction, black is the abscence of color and white is the total presence of'em (if I remember correctly)... So, it would be really nice to see it 👁️👄👁️
    12. lmao Chromatica is a really cool name 👁️👄👁️ For me, Chromatica > Babylon
    13. I've just arrived here and I can see people are amazing 🥰 Thank you for creating this place!
    14. I can only think of Pabllo Vittar's MV for 'Buzina' lol (brazilian monsters can relate)