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    1. She definitely favors the establishment. I’m curious if she would endorse Bernie Sanders if he won the nomination.
    2. I personally think the John Wayne video was the continuation. And JoanneGa killed TelephoneGa at the end of it.
    3. That would be a mistake, especially since the Stupid Love leak. SL is the single they are going to push on the radio, Babylon would over shadow it. It would be A-YO vs Million Reasons and Venus vs Do What U Want all over again.
    4. I really like the second leaked image. The purple outfit one. It’s exciting that the video will have at least two cool outfits. It reminds me that Gaga said LG6 would be colorful. So far we have Pink Gaga and Purple Gaga.
    5. I met my current boyfriend on tinder. We’ve been dating for 5 months now.
    6. So is this Fortnite collaboration really happening?
    7. Zedd! I’m still waiting for the Stache remix to get an official release Also Aura, G.U.Y and Donatella are some of my favorite songs off of ARTPOP
    8. I don’t think so. I really think GAME OVER is coming
    9. Omg I didn’t realize this game was happening. This is cool