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    1. It sounds like it’s been reproduced!! Final version maybe?
    2. Gypsy... without feeling very nostalgic
    3. I’m not too keen on remixes but I love some of the tracks from the first remix album
    4. My drag name is Livia Life
    5. Hoping the second season of UK DR will do better. Was also kinda hoping I'd be on it, but I guess I'll be there for season 5 or 6 so we get a good finale
    6. Use this thread to post about all things drag, whether it be regarding Drag Race or your own drag!
    7. I need some UK TVs henny. Another Alan Carr interview, maybe Jonathon Ross and also it would be amazing for her to have a Piers Morgan Life Stories interview
    8. Sounds like it's just being played in a club or something
    9. Classic, vintage looking and subtle, I like it 🙂
    10. No my brother did it for me but we were both drunk at the time so that’s probably why it’s so awful haha. I’ll probably get it covered with a compass or pocket watch.
    11. It was badly done and it honestly looks like Male anatomy times like 5, instead of monster claws
    12. I have an awful Gaga tattoo and need to get it covered with something else so I could really use some help too haha