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  1. yaaaas, so excited for us to all meet
  2. August 5 - Fenway Park - Boston (USA) 14 - Wrigley Field - Chicago (USA) 19 - MetLife Stadium - East Rutherford (USA) Postponed dates: Rogers Centre - Toronto (Canada) (originally scheduled August 9)
  3. I'm sure it'll be fine people just overreact like when Swine flu and bird flu were a deadly disease
  4. BorisIsHere is always online and Gaga stopped visiting GGD after the whole Radio ARTPOP vs GGD thing
  5. Gagas username on GGD was just Boris... BorisIsHere is a fan
  6. I got 2 GA tickets for me and my husband!! I'm so excited!! So who's going and what will you be wearing?
  7. Me too! One UK date is going to be mayhem
  8. You’ll have more chance than me haha
  9. Same thing happened to me, if you're talking about London, I was travelling from Cornwall by bus, would've taken me 9 hours so I'm glad she announced the cancellation before I'd left because I would've been more pissed if I had travelled (especially since I get severely travel sick)
  10. At least you would’ve died having seen Gaga so it’s kinda bitter sweet
  11. I finally preordered the deluxe edition!! I really can’t wait for the amount of new tracks we’re going to get!
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