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  1. Very obvious but also Nothing On (But the radio) and Brooklyn nights
  2. I never needed an album of hers more then now. I can’t wait!!!
  3. I mean. Judging by the state of our Fanbase rn it’s no surprise to me. I think she still loves us but realise there is more important stuff then us. Maybe she gave us a bit to much love in the beginning. All in one I would’nt worry too much!
  4. Will there be other songs om the delux version? I mean those 3 songs are the target exclusive right?
  5. Elton is such a surprise. So glad this didn’t leak way before!
  6. Queen of forgiveness, we have to stan!
  7. I think in June tbh. That makes the most sence to me. i just really hope that the virus is not a major threat by then anymore!
  8. The link on YT doesn‘t work for me. Does someone has a stream?
  9. I’ve got two GC EE for Paris 😭😭
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