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  1. When it comes to storyline, I'd say The Monster Ball bc I love its theatrically.. and when it comes to visuals, I'd say the Born This Way Ball bc of the stage and also bc it's the only one I have attended.
  2. Yeah, it's difficult to choose one because I love them all, but I'll rank them too. 1. ARTPOP 2. A Star Is Born 3. The Fame Monster 4. Joanne 5. Born This Way 6. Cheek to Cheek 7. The Fame
  3. - LG6 to be pure pop music and LG7 to be like ASIB, you know, piano and stuff (maybe with an Adele collab) - Being more active on social media - More movies!
  4. Open The Door lyrics from a new song yaaaaaassss
  5. The way I'd like... Stupid Love single and MV on Feb 14th as a surprise, with no announcement but a lot of promo when it comes out. Also, a promo with HausLabs --> new products, new video with Stupid Love and a release party. Announcement of the album called 'GAGA' on Monday 17th with a promotional single. and promo promo promo.. EVERYWHERE... radio stations, tv shows, fashion shows, etc.
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