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    1. Born This Way Ball was the first concert I was allowed to go to (I was in 8th grade at the time)! It set the bar really high for me of how a concert should be and how amazing a performer can be! She’s the reason I’m obsessed with going to concerts
    2. Been a little monster since I was in 5th grade. I’m 21 now.. she was my first obsession and my first concert. Been in love with her ever since.. came across her music through the internet.. created a Twitter just to stay up-to-date with her
    3. I’ve always wanted a Gaga & Lana collab but it would have to be a ballad
    4. The Edge Of Glory performance on the Howard stern show is breathtaking The very first Gypsy performance too
    5. The love game remix she used at the monster ball was so iconic! The chew fu remix!!!! “Welcome to the monster ball.. now dance you mother fuckers!!!!”
    6. Princess Die was so special and she looked gorgeous when she performed it live
    7. Shoot came out beautifully. I can’t help but be reminded of Grimes when I see the horse pic with Gaga on it
    8. I always go all-out when Gaga releases an album. I’ve been a stan since the face and have always bought multiples and different versions of everything. You buy the physicals, then the cassettes if there’s any, then vinyls, then digital marketing, AND ALWAYS SUPPORT THE SINGLES! Stream too!
    9. Everyone’s postponing everything. Wouldn’t be the worst if she cancelled the remaining enigma dates though. That way she can focus on any tour planning for chromatica and for promo