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  1. im not sure if i can score each song but this is my best to worst list: 1. chromatica 1 and alice genius opening! i think that easch chromatics adds a lot to the story of the album and i'm happy she included it when we first listen to the album! i love how she plays with her voice throughout the song so much! i'm not a big fan of the electronic voice after the first chorus but overall definitely my fave! 2. babylon with a bit better production.. more bass and depth it could have been instead of alice easily 3. rain on me such a fun song! i will admit that it took me some time to understand it but the visuals really helped a lot and me and my mom can;t stop listening! 4. enigma first few lines remind me of her simpsons song lol but pre chorus and chorus are phenomenal 5. stupid love fun song.. not really beyond.. don't feel connected to it but compared to the rest i think i like it better 6. chromatica 2 and sine from above i'm not crazy about the chorus and the music after it but she wrote some good lyrics and i feel its authentic! 7. free woman produced and written better than stupid love (kinda similar for some reason) in my opinion but less fun 8. sour candy just.. meh.. it's ok but not wow or something special 9. 1000 doves feels to me like a filler unfortunately 😞 10. chromatics 2 plus 911 genius lyrics.. maybe the best on the album! love the mix with chromatica 2 and i like the pre chorus but i just don't understand the robotic voice at all! i feel like it should have been a whole different production and composing.. 11. fun tonight its' pretty boring.. 12. replay the only reason it's not the least fave one is because the second verse is written so well! but i can't understand it 13. plastic doll i'm sorry... can't hear this electronic aaaaaautomatic thing
  2. i'm also confused... but i will mention that i like what they did with free woman (way better than the leaked demo) and i liked alice and enigma the most (from what we didn't hear by now)
  3. i have to say.. i wasn't a big fan of stupid love but the rain on me video made me exited! i listened to the album now a few times and i don't feel the vibes. i think that replay and 911 are the worst on the album and rest are mediocre minus.. kind of disappointed im not sure if i just don't connect to the disco vibes or what not coming together.. ill listen to joanne for 3 more years i guess
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