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    1. I think the same. She had so much ideas for ARTPOP era. Not to mention that we would have act 2
    2. Wow!! Beautiful !! Sometimes I do some too... These I did when I was part of the RDT Lady Gaga (RDT Design) team (Brazil fan site - The best)
    3. humm I think we will never have the continuation of Telephone...
    4. Ends in May, but she still has shows ahead (because of the contract) to be made by Enigma. No?
    5. 1. The Fame Monster/Born This Way 2. ARTPOP 3. The Fame / ASIB 4. Joanne 5. Cheek To Cheek
    6. WOW! How beautiful! I loved the red, pink and black
    7. I would love to see Gaga doing a feat with Adele...
    8. Gavin Leatherwood and Chance Perdomo
    9. My favorite albums is The Fame Monster and Born This Way. But, i love ARTPOP album also
    10. I believe there may be a song called "Anarchy" on the album. The name appears at 3:15 in the music video for Stupid Love:
    11. Each symbol: a song. it will be it the amount of songs on the album?