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    1. Afaik that alleged final version is fanmade and nothing else has leaked aside from the HQ version we got a few weeks back.
    2. Emphasis on the word focus, Inez and Vinoodh and the "eye" behind ARTPOP... The connection is there and it points to something camera related but idk what in the goddamn it is.
    3. Imitation of Life - R.E.M. A masterpiece luv, lit rally a masterpiece xx
    4. Tudo o que eu quero é que a Gaga venha pro Brasil pra promover o LG6. Vou plantar a sementinha e rezar pra Belzebu pra que eu consiga colher no futuro.
    5. That makes sense, actually. And he could have deleted the tweet that said it comes in the same week to not ruin it or smth.
    6. The Katycats would get brave as usual and I'd love to see it
    7. Okay, which one of you found out about it and will you puh-lease spill
    8. I have two brain cells, this is too labor intensive
    9. If "insider" info is to be believed I'm guessing it's coming the between the 19th and the 21st. Not gonna put my money on it, though.
    10. omg are you back get well hug GIF im freemymindARTPOP from GGD btw!

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    11. Discuss below all your thoughts about recent leaks. DON'T POST LINKS OR MEDIA.