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    1. Here in spain we're locked at home under surveillance too (you only can get out to go to the supermarket, pharmacies or to the hospital), working from home (those who can do it) and trying to deal with all that confinement thing (and the anxety that gives to some of us). The good part it's that the levels of contamination are right now lower than ever.
    2. ¡Por lo visto somos de todos lados! jajajaj ¿Hay algún español más por aquí? ¿O soy la única? Vamos a mover un poco esto y a demostrar que también hay mucho monster que habla español ¿Cuál es vuestra canción favorita?
    3. 1 ─ Born This Way 2 ─ ARTPOP 3 ─ Joanne 4 ─ The Fame Monster 5 ─ The Fame 6 ─ Cheek To Cheek
    4. Do you all think we are getting tomorrow a new single announcement about a Single or maybe, if we're lucky, we will know the dates of the album's launch?
    5. do you think it's true or they are trolling again?
    6. I've got a hundred million reasons to walk away, but baby, I just need one good one to stay
    7. Let's do something. Monsters, quote this message with all the passwords you've tried. Let's put them all in an only post and let's try to get it all together in one place, so we don't have to go back just to find them. TRIED PASSWORDS:
    8. I don't even know, I don't know the password and I don't know what's behind that door hahahaha I should try to get it with all of you
    9. They are allowed to say the password to others, it's a self choice not to share, no one asked them to not tell you all.
    10. Monsters, remember to always be RESPECTFUL, we don't want anyone disrespecting each other.
    11. Romy Low - Overload. The spanish Gaga
    12. Yo creo que va a ser una mezcla de BTW y Artpop, podría salir algo brutal de ahí.