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  1. I personally think SCHEIBE had to be a single. For ARTPOP i will choose Gypsy or MANiCURE
  2. OMGAGA! That sounds amazing. I cannot wait to try it ASAP The App is still in development process, and some functions may have bugs or will not work properly. That is why, if @M△⃒⃘tt sent you the link to download it, your feedback will be important to improove it and fix it.
  3. Will the video be released alongside the song as Stupid Love?
  4. OMG! We're officially entering the Chromatica era.
  5. what a talented fanbase is this one. Amazing drawings
  6. Princess Die, Brooklyn Nights, No Way and Onion Girl
  7. great experience. how was the backstage experience?
  8. Cannot wait to see that epic video with amazing aestethics. ♥♥
  9. Finally! And we will have two Gaga albums released on May! What a great listening party celebration we all can have ♥ I cannot wait to listen to Babylon but Im sure the entire album will be lit!
  10. OMG! The round of LG6 interviews has started. So excited for this new era ☹️
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