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  1. I think Gaga herself doesn’t know the release date yet. Because it really depends on the pandemic, nobody knows when miss rona gonna d- word.
  2. i made my own reaction video for stupid love guys. if you support me it means a lot. please like my video, make comments and subscribe to my channel. I really need your support. thank you
  3. I really wanna know what the answer is. Not because I want to win or something but i really wanna learn the answer. Interesting
  4. I hope shes happy. Yes, I like Taylor more but who cares?! I’m not in that relationship, Gaga in it. Her happy life comes first.
  5. Where do we need to put the answer, I’m a little confused. Please help
  6. The difference is, they released applause after a low quality leak. This time, they are waiting us to die
  7. They need to release it ASAP not pushing again, because of their lack of security fans are the ones that punished. Not fair.
  8. Leaking the song is bad, spreading the leak is worse but playing somewhere without a permission is the worst.
  9. He worked with Gaga a lot, that means they changed the direction a little bit. Still okay
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