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  1. I have to say the ARTPOP your, since it's the only one that stopped in my city, I hate living in Central Canada 😭😭😭
  2. Sad to see many people trashing it, but I love Mark Ronson's work, always been a fan of his since his Amy Winehouse days
  3. Til It Happens To You, I cry every single time I rewatch it. The emotion in her voice, the box growl, the presentation, so beautiful.
  4. It was when I was around 12 years old. Around the time "Edge Of Glory" was all over radio, I vividly remember having dairy Queen and the sun was huge bright and vibrant, just beginning to set over the horizon. Eating dairy queen and listening to Lady Gaga with my siblings, such a good memory that has stuck with me, been a huge fan of hers since BTW era.
  5. We don't have Target here in Canada, how would I get my hands on these?
  6. GRIMES!! The 2 seem to know each other, and I love Grimes style. 4ÆM is one of my favs rn.
  7. Recently found this YouTube channel called 'exile" that has put a 80s synthwave spin on some Gaga songs, I love it.
  8. DITD easily, it's so good and didn't get the exposure it deserved.
  9. Physical, digital (base and deluxe), and the hardcover!
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