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  1. Gagaflix: https://www.instagram.com/p/CB8rBiKFej0/?igshid=z90woubwuwfq Instagram: @gagaflix La Maison Gaga: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCel7gAp4Qc/?igshid=455vkkxctqzv Instagram: @ptnewsofpop
  2. Hey, before anything else, thanks for the oportunity 🥰. So how long did it take to make the full lyric video?
  3. Hey, here's my submission. Thank you so much for this oportunity. The message of the first 1 is to fight those mean leaks that we all have been facing 😞 . Tysm guys, stay safe!! Signed, Domking and @ptnewsofpop
  4. I can’t believe Chromatica will be out 29th May Please like my official edit!! https://twitter.com/ptnewsofpop/status/1258076033473040385?s=20
  5. Hey guys, I'm Domking, also known by my fan page, Ptnewsofpop. I need to talk about these leaks that have been happening. Although many people is afraid to say the truth, I am gonna say it. If you don’t like it, it’s your opinion and I respect that. So, here it goes. I am a little monster since 2017, it’s not a long time, but it’s enough. Throughout this years I’ve noticed that many “Little Monsters” and people related to Gaga’s work are toxic and mean. To show you that, let’s talk about LG6, Chromatica. This album isn’t out yet, however:Stupid love snippet, demo, MV leaked;Chromatica cover leaked;AG colab leaked;ROM title leaked;BlackPink colab leaked;Babylon 30 seconds leaked;ROM 40 seconds leaked;And now Chromatica’s full tracklist leaked;And all this, is your fault (your, who share leaks). I know that Gaga already posted a few minutes ago the full trackless, but she probably wasn’t going to do that, because, since she organized the One World: Together at Home, she could be accused of promoting herself. Y’all guys don’t see that you are, like, pulling out Gaga’s work by SHARING all those leaks. IF YOU HADN’T SHARED ALL THOSE LEAKS, THEY WOULD NEVER BE SEEN. People just can’t understand, and still think they are Little Monsters. They are not even fans (leakers and sharers). Now, because of this, the album won’t have the IMPACT it could had. Now, people know the tracks, some leaks … what’s the surprise? The excitement to listen for the first time and to wait for the songs to LEGALLY come out??!! Think 10000000x times before charing any kind of leaks. They can ruin anyone. That’s it. If you wanna unfollow me, put yourselves comfortable. I had to say this.Thanks for reading, Domking and PTNewsOfPop https://www.instagram.com/p/B_TIGEAJwQq/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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