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  1. Thanks for letting me know❤️ Thanks 😞😞
  2. Hello everyone! Is it true that the Chromatica vynil will be in a clear sleeve and not in regular packaging? Someone said that Bobby confirmed that it’ll be a clear sleeve, but I haven’t seen that anywhere. Thought?
  3. Why is shipping to Europe more than 30$? Was it always that expensive or is it because of the whole corona virus situation? 😭😭😭
  4. Definitely CD Deluxe and VYNIL!!!!💗💗💗 Can’t wait for the cover #Chromatica
  5. Applause (DJWS Remix) & Applause (Empire Of The Sun Remix)
  6. Applause 2013 VMAs & Perfect Illusion (Moth Club - London)
  7. Maybe she will do something like a “Chromatica Exclusive Performance” or something....it would be a little weird to do the same show.
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