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  1. Today is your birthday but I’m the one who thanks you. I feel in love your music and your personality, ideas when you released “Poker Face” there was something about you that I felt enigmatic, I still feel. I’m so proud and honored that I grow up listening to you, your songs, voice, speech helped me during the darkest times of my life; bullying, anxiety, depression, and compulsive eaten disorder. I found the joy and light to get help, to be brave and do the changes that I was so afraid of, once you said: It’s not about making money, it’s about being a friend for that kid at home who feels different and you did, you saved me many times. Thank you for making me meet amazing people who I can say that are my friends, for being so brave and sacrifice so much, you were my hero and still is, I hope your day is full of love and joy, that you have those who you love next to you and that you can feel the warmth in your heart because we all wish you a very Gaga Happy B-Day, so much love to you from Brazil. Your little monster, Armando Condelo. @excitingaga
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