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  1. In the celebration of Mother Monster's comeback and pride month, Universal Music Thailand held one of the most extraordinary events in Bangkok: The Chromatica Thailand Live Event. The show gathered celebrities, drag queens, and fans countrywide to showcase their inner "Gaga" style. The Chromatica Megamix kicked off the event. Supermodel Cindy Sirinya Bishop made a cameo in a videoclip that included songs from Chromatica such as Chromatica I, Alice, Replay, 911, Sour Candy, Sine From Above, and 1000 Doves in a very unique Thai style. Drag queens from Drag Race Thailand created a Stupid Love themed dress and captivated the audience with their beauty. Three groups of contestants were selected by the event to perform in a A Sour Candy lipsync contest. The winner won $300 with a plate. The event included minigames for the audience where contestants could win free official Chromatica merchandise. Those at home who watched the livestream could phone-in and participate as well. The night continued on with a discussion about favorite songs off the album as well as, "the true meaning of Chromatica." The event finished with a stunning Rain on Me performance by Thai drag superstars, Pangina Heals and Kandy Zyanice. Audience menbers were captivated and felt as if the two queens truly embodied Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. Photo by @TooCalderone & @theonlyelista It was an amazing experience for Thai Little Monsters to celebrate. The top-notch production brought joy to many people. It also brought a shared creativity and kindness to the public as well as an understanding of both Lady Gaga and Thai culture. You can re-watch the whole show here.
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