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    1. literally nothing works with that camera name omg THANK YOU!
    2. I have tried these names hours ago but it doesn't work
    3. what if nobody got in and they are all trolling us
    4. can some of these people who solved it give us a helpful hint?
    5. I also thought about the G.U.Y. video, because in that one scene where she clones the men you can see the koons ball at the background and maybe this references the all seeing eye
    6. maybe the camera name that was used for the ARTPOP album cover / Applause single cover?
    7. maybe I can see where this is going
    8. but what does Inez & Vinoodh have to do with the gazing ball
    9. such a random moment to change all the social media pics to that Gaga one what if 'Gaga' was LG6 1.0 and they scraped that so now it's Game Over or Babylon