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  1. tried this one, plaincanvas, canvas, techhaus all do not work
  2. this guy's sources have always been legit. he has spilled the number of songs on both with/without dialogue versions of ASIB.
  3. but the cover of artpop was done by jeff koons not IV. maybe we could look into the IV photoshoots for the album?
  4. 21 is more reasonable since the tracking day always begins on Friday, but interscope always has strange lead single rollout. for example selena's look at her now was released on a thursday... so the mr.s prediction is still possible
  5. Production-wise it's the Super Bowl halftime show; vocal-wise it's the Sound of Music tribute at the Oscars.
  6. Tbh i don't think it's entirely the fans' fault. Interscope also had responsibility for protecting her songs from being leaked. I just feel sad for her coz she suffered leaks every era since 2011. Judas, applause, the whole ARTPOP album, pi, the whole Joanne album, sl... it is easy to name a few that were leaked 🥺
  7. YES her bleached eyebrows look from the AHS Hotel premiere was my favourite.
  8. Heard the commercial was displayed during the Oscars advert, THEIR IMPACT.
  9. Don't think it's true but it would be a great idea. The applause promo on GTA had absolutely caught attention from the str8 (just look at those top youtube comments of the song's official audio) it could work for stoopid luv as well.
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