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    1. okay so these are just off the top of my head: - your favourite gaga lyric/quote (or the one that’s helped you through dark times) - a design based on your favourite gaga song - a design which represents your favourite gaga era, for example like a little pink hat for joanne era - the silhouette from your favourite gaga life performance
    2. ARTPOP era wigs were on a whole other level when you really think about it
    3. yes especially now that she's had a successful taste of it
    4. APHRODITE WITHOUT A MF DOUBT followed by every ARTPOP era wig tied together
    5. I mean he could choke me and distort by windpipes if he pleases
    6. idk but it'd be cute to hear and witness live like a reunion type of thing especially with all the cancelled shows from JWT
    7. Stupid Love and I Wanna Be With U are the type of songs that need to be blasted across every possible section of a stadium....wheeeew
    8. sachay away bitches it’s MINE
    9. ARTPOP and Heavy metal Lover aka the most perfect songs in the history of the universe