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    1. I’ve already got two and I want Chromatica and a tribe symbol
    2. Another great video from Taylor
    3. But how recent was that? Because this stuff takes time to plan, I don't get how they can just move everything all of a sudden and so quickly... billboards placed around the US is a pretty big deal I would think? It really doesn't make sense for them to move the release date when the lead single is out there and images from the video are leaking.
    4. The video is filmed. We gotta be close.
    5. I’m not team GGD or LGN. I’m in between both. I just think that whole lead up and then “treat it as a rumour” is ridiculous. If you have something solid to tell your members, stick to it. Not something that could turn out to be completely false just to hype up the website.
    6. So let me get this straight... this website has been teasing and posting about “unlocking the door” because there’s a hint about something inside (LG6 related) and when it’s opened (therefore the hype doing down) the information in there is just to be treated as a rumour and not really be believed... what a crock of bullshit. Maybe stop lying to your members for clout. Ridiculous.