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  1. The only bad thing I can say is that I HATE the stray hair stuck on her lashes at the end.
  2. Which song demos did you like more than the album versions? I personally liked the "Look at them dirty rich girls" part of the Beautiful, Dirty, Rich demo and I wish it made it it.
  3. Hair: I teared up the first time I listened to it in high school. Angel Down: I know it was inspired by Trayvon Martin's murder but the first time I heard it, It made me think of Tamir Rice's murder and how sad and angry that death made me. Dance In The Dark: I connected with this song in a very personal way and it's still my favorite Gaga song of all time.
  4. Haus of Glitch tons of amazing remixes but these are some of my faves: https://soundcloud.com/haus-of-glitch/m4n1cur3-pr0-n41lz https://soundcloud.com/haus-of-glitch/luvgam3 https://soundcloud.com/haus-of-glitch/th3-sch31s3-symphony https://soundcloud.com/haus-of-glitch/v3nus
  5. The Fame: Just Dance Poker Face LoveGame Beautiful, Dirty, Rich Brown Eyes (Replaceing Eh, Eh,) The Fame Monster: Bad Romance Telephone Alejandro Dance In The Dark Born This Way: Born This Way Judas Hair Scheibe ARTPOP: ARTPOP Venus Swine MANiCURE Joanna: Perfect Illusion John Wayne Angel Down Million Reasons
  6. I love all of the album (except Cheek To Cheek but I don't really count that as a Gaga album) but if I had to choose, I'd pick Fame Monster or Born This Way because they have such a special place in my heart.
  7. Master Heartbreaker Hollywood 007 On You New York No Way Oh Baby Brooklyn Nights Panty Party Retrosexual Rockshow Fooled Me Again Shake Your Kitty Future Love The Greatest Thing Kaboom Let Love Down Second Time Around
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