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  1. I hope we’re getting an official announcement today..... 👀 @M△⃒⃘tt
  2. I find it odd she’s posting the pictures slowly.... I feel like she’s building up counter expectations to surprise everyone. But who knows.
  3. New merchandise slots have shown up on her French website: https://shopfr.ladygaga.com/#
  4. @M△⃒⃘tt You have tea or can you at least deny it if it’s not true?
  5. http://smarturl.it/freewoman redirects to Google like the “Stupid Love” link did before its announcement..... Also: https://shopfr.ladygaga.com/collections/vinyles-lady-gaga-free-woman
  6. Is the upload indicative of an announcement coming tonight? 😮
  7. I wonder what it’s going to be out? I know she’s probably going to talk about her work with the WHO, though I’m cautiously optimistic she’ll discuss Chromatica, even briefly.
  8. @M△⃒⃘tt Do you have any tea? People are starting to get angsty about a second single, album cover, tracklist, etc. (people includes me lmao).
  9. Art Angels is a masterpiece
  10. The male host was straight-up crass and unprofessional
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