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  1. okay so i was sat in my bedroom crying in a dark corner when i had a thought what if the viral Shallow lady was set up by interscope on purpose to make gaga viral because they're about to kick off the LG6 era?you know how they boost the radio play for artists about to release? i mean, where did the video even come from? it looks like it came from some youtuber or creator who goes up to people and uploads compilations but i'm yet to see a source... like what are the odds of bumping into a really well trained vocalist like that? that's lit rally her job
  2. but where is the proof bobby said it? we need the receipts luv!
  3. what postponements? name one confirmed date that was postponed
  4. well, who's yours? any and all genders allowed, keep it clean kiddos!
  5. i be seeing this on xenophobiaxenophobiadaily, u aint slick chicken
  6. oh she gave NO f*cks about eau and it makes me cackle
  7. i wonder who made the choice to discontinue it... maybe troy? but you can tell she never truly cared for it back in the day which is a shame cus it's so iconic do they still produce the other one? i forgot it's name lol i never liked it
  8. it's really nice to see this thread isn't full of hate unlike over at GGD i don't wear make up but i still manage to enjoy haus labs for its photoshoots and visuals, it's easier to just have fun with it instead of constantly dragging gaga for being a "sellout" n e ways, can't wait to see this product in action since i do love matte things
  9. not to be rude but cowan must be lying... how can he not know it wasn't released if he used it for the show? he would have either bought the song to use or asked the right people to use the song and they would say "um no its not out yet". the ONLY way to get the song is from leak sites, it's not adding up luv
  10. they won't let me back on ggd cus i made a dupe account to defend sarah tanno
  11. how do i post a status

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