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    1. The answer has already been posted at least twice.
    2. Everyone is all over the place, what you need to do is just focus.
    3. That hyperlink is a wealth of information.
    4. I think all three hints relate to a single answer, not a string of answers. Also, like others have pointed out, tomorrow is when hint 3 is coming out, it’s not a hint.
    5. You need 15 posts for this round.
    6. I’ll be sad if Stupid Love is the lead single only because she’ll have to still pretend like the entire thing didn’t already leak when posting about its release.
    7. That’s what I was thinking, I take it no one has had any luck yet? Or at least they’re keeping quiet. 👀
    8. I second the music video comments. The long videos were always my favorite. Also, let’s bring back choreo that everyone wants to learn.
    9. She looks amazing! Hoping the pink hair is here to stay for a while.
    10. I forgot to mention Kesha, although I don’t think I’d say I stan her currently. Her new album is great though. Kinky is amazing less the intro.
    11. This. Streaming is where it’s at right now. TikTok has a lot of power currently.
    12. No kidding? That’s awesome!
    13. She’s not quite stan-worthy yet for me, but a strong contender with her recent releases.