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    1. Well ladies she finally spoke and Chromatica is coming! I wonder when she will reveal the tracklist and cover??
    2. Do you guys know about the original concept of ARTPOP? Like some ideas she spilled etc. I'm personally thinking about the feeling that I got from the album, era, candids and photos, that I got from the era. I feel like the album was gonna be way more explicit, talking of celebrity life. We know she was hanging out with Donatella at that time. Or like the lyrics of the MANiCURE demo: I want expensive things including diamond ringsAnd travel overseas (cuz I)Have sex with celebrities (nice try)Of the rich and pretty life (cha-ching!)Make the money, lookin' right (bling, bling)Of the rich and pretty life (oh, share)Makin' bank as pop's wife (I quit) I would have LOVED to see more of this celebrity disney princess high gaga. I feel like she could've made me feel like a celebrity too
    3. This one's easy for me. Born This Way was something else, I was 13 when it came out and it changed my core of how I see music, lyrics, photoshoots, fashion and visuals. Surprizingly it didn't contribute to me accepting myself and sh*t lol that journey would continue to last for another 6-7 years.. but yeah Born This Way. I can't wait for Chromatica but I don't think any of her albums will pass BTW. ARTPOP is VERYYY close to BTW though!
    4. This might sound bottom-like from me but I would love to se Lana Del Rey or Marina, as far as "mainstream" artists go. My real dream Gaga collab would be feat. Björk or Grimes omggg to think that Grimes actually MIGHT be featured on Chromatica gives me that buzz
    5. I'd have to say Princess Die. It was my favourite since the first time I heard it!
    6. I'll never forgive the universe for not giving me the opportunity to experience BTW Ball... that was something else, completely out of this world, the storyline and the hologram omg
    7. I'll never get over Heavy Metal Lover. There's just something about that song, it's been my favorite from the first time I heard it in back 2011. Like bitch... Also do you all remember on littlemonsters .com in like 2012 Gaga revealed in a chat that she wanted it to be the last single from the album (it was also the last song they actually recorded for the album) but the label wouldn't let her
    8. Her SXSW festival performance was out of this world. Raw, disgusting passion. It's just her, her t-shirt and her microphone.
    9. Hands down Nick Knight photoshoot for Born This Way. HOWEVER, my favorite single cover is Applause.