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    1. Born This Way Joanne The Fame The Fame Monster ARTPOP A Star Is Born Cheek To Cheek Red And Blue
    2. The Monster Ball 2.0 was so beautiful. The symbolism, the choreography, the interludes, the setlist, the outfits, the piano, the stage... EVERYTHING!
    3. Born This Way is the best photoshoot of all time!! Favorite single cover is Applause because the symbolism of turning your pain into art is so beautiful to me
    4. Scheisse DJ White Shadow is my all time fav but I also love MR Andrelli and the LoveGame Manson
    5. Just Dance on the radio in middle school and then I remember my mom bought me TFM Christmas 2009 and that's when I fell in love
    6. Glitter and Grease and Hollywood are my two favorites
    7. Hair on Howard Stern. Lush Life on Howard Stern... Million Reasons on Howard Stern. Basically all from Stern lol. Visuals and choreography I'd say Alejandro at the Monster Ball though
    8. Monster! It could've been a classic Halloween song
    9. The physical deluxe CD, Vinyl and a cassette but not sure which one yet!
    10. I hope it doesn't because this is the time we need positive music the most in the world. It does suck though that she can't promote it properly.