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  1. I would like to say that they are a good label but I don’t know if they are worthy of being called that - at least when talking about Gaga - and I say this because I’ve seen how they massively support on their social profile other artist to lengths they don’t promote Gaga. I won’t name names but they have gone out of their way to put upcoming artists everywhere. Whether it’s on the media, radio, pushing their singles and albums etc. Lady Gaga is one of their biggest artist IF not the biggest. Now I don’t know if this lack of “superficial support” which is what we get to see as the public is not done to the same extent because of Gaga’s name recognition but still I believe she should be front and center when it comes to helping promote her work. Of course Gaga must have much more freedom when it comes to her work being promoted for multiple reasons, one being her time with interscope - over a decade now - so their dynamics must be different than the way Interscope goes about promoting new artists work. I guess what I’m trying to say is that they would be a much better record label (including UMG) if they would promote with much more vigor her work as if any new record she puts out its the very first one. This is simply how I see things, and I might be completely wrong since I don’t know what happens behind close doors. My hope is that they can get their act together and give Gaga much more support that can be visible our our end as the Fans and as the audience.
  2. I’m buying the clear vinyl and I also plan on getting the target version 💓
  3. Hopefully they can come with a new plan to roll out the single. I imagine Gaga’s / her team is upset over the leaks and they have every right to be, I just hope this doesn’t ruin her experience with this era even before it started.
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