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    1. In the snippet you could hear a bunch of people possibly talking but idk
    2. I just saw all over twitter that a snippet of Babylon leaked. How can this keep happening?
    3. Do charts even matter anymore in all honesty? Everyone knows how billboard makes it stupidly difficult to debut number one with pure sales and mainly count streams which I think is dumb.
    4. Once my store gets it, I wanna see it in person lol. I work for target so I may be able to see it early
    5. I’m hoping to get the deluxe target edition omg. I’ll have first dibs on it since I work at target hehe
    6. If you go to the Paper Magazine Twitter, the three photos they posted are in 4K. I was able to lod them in 4K on my iPhone and then save them Shipping outside of the US is always painfully expensive. It cost my mom $50 or so to send a knee brace to Italy The POWER that that has, the INTELLIGENCE that that has, the CLEARANCE that that has, the ACCESS that that has, the INFLUENCE that that has, the PROFILE that that has, the INTERNATIONAL IMPLICATIONS that that has
    7. At this point I don’t see why they aren’t doing more or just releasing something. A statement. A date. Anything.
    8. I haven’t attended any yet but I’d live to attend the BTWB. So much energy and theatrics. Great show start to end
    9. After all these years I doubt she’ll release a continuation. It’s been just about 10 years since
    10. ARTPOP and TFM are fighting for no 1 for me