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  1. Make sure you vote for the Gaga & Ari at the VMAs💓 edit by me, hope you like it 😊
  2. "Rain On Me" edit by me💓⛈️
  3. ⚡💓Stupid Love X Plastic Doll💓⚡ edit by me✨
  4. Hey Monsters, this is a "1000 Doves" poster/edit I made, hope you love it. xoxo 💋
  5. Omg that’s so sweet thank u 💞😘
  6. Hey Monsters, I made this new Chromatica edit, hope you love it💓 💋
  7. Hey Monsters, I made this "Sour Candy" poster, hope you love it😊. 💋
  8. Hey Monsters, here (again) are the posters I made for the rescheduled Chromatica Ball dates (this time with photos instead of the link to my Insta). Hope you love them. xoxo 💋
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CB8oDBrJt4K/?igshid=1dej1lc67ppnd Hey Monsters, I made some posters for each Chromatica Ball date. Let me know if you like them💞⚔️ xoxo
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