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  1. The Fame The Fame (EU, Super Jewel Box) The Fame (Made for Hungary) The Fame (Vinyl) The Fame (HMV Blue Vinyl) The Fame (Japanese CD+DVD) LoveGame The Remixes (EU, maxi single) LoveGame The Remixes (US) The Fame Monster The Fame Monster (Made for Hungary) The Fame Monster (Europe, white wig) (2 copies) The Fame Monster (Classic album) Bad Romance The Remixes (US) The Remix (Explicit cover) The Monster Ball Tour DVD Born This Way Born This Way (Standard, Made for Hungary) Born This Way (Standard, EU) Born This Way (Special Edition, EU) Born This Way (Special Edition, Canadian) Born This Way: The Remix (EU) Born This Way (UK single) Born This Way (Japanese promo single) Judas (UK single) The Edge Of Glory (German single) ARTPOP ARTPOP (Standard, EU) ARTPOP (Deluxe, EU) Applause (UK Single) Applause (Japanese Single Joanne Joanne (Deluxe EU) A Star Is Born A Star Is Born (Soundtrack CD, EU) A Star Is Born (Special Deluxe Edition) [another copy of EU Soundtrack CD] A Star Is Born (1 DVD, EU) A Star Is Born (2 DVD, EU) A Star Is Born (Blu-ray, EU) Fan made A Very Gaga Thanksgiving (Chinese Bootleg CD) G.U.Y. (Single/Remixes, Chinese Bootleg CD) Venus/DWUW (Single/Remixes, Chinese Bootleg CD) The Singles Perfect Illusion (Single) Million Reasons (Single) A-YO (Single)
  2. every wig from the ARTPOP era. literally
  3. does that the show finally ended?
  4. I really wish Gaga would set one of these as her pfp somewhere like she did with Helen Green's artworks
  5. i think it's either tour visual or magazine photoshoot
  6. this will be the longest 22 days of our lives
  7. it's time for her to collab with Britney or Katy
  8. I have a lot but from The Fame it would be Future Love
  9. I hope she'll announce sumn after the Saturday event
  10. it's cool and all but i still like the song with bey better
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