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  1. Thanks for doing this!
  2. she delivers not only hair, body and face, but also a different reality and level of creativity, but are we surprised?
  3. Just imagine what the booklet will be like...serve
  4. Dear Gaga, First of all, Happy Birthday, angel. I can't put in words how much you mean to me. You're not just a singer, you're a whole world to me and millions of Little Monsters. You inspire creators and artists, teach us to be kind and love ourselves, you heal our souls through your music. You teach me to be strong, never give up and follow my dreams. You came into my life at hard time. I was broken and alone and there seemed no way out. But you taught me that it's okay not to be okay and every day I make a small step towards healing. I will no longer let anyone convince me that my kindness is a weakness and that I am not good enough. Every time when I am not brave enough, I remember how bravely you stand up to this world, so I can too. And when I’m feeling bad I just put on my earphones and Rocket number 9 take off to the planet Venus! I started drawing again only because of you. And every time I speak my ideas through the art, I feel freedom and happiness, which I completely forgot about. Thank you for me. One day I will see you and hear you live and one of my biggest dreams will come true but for now I will see you on Chromatica. I will always be by your side and follow you to any planet, rather it be Venus or the world you created. And we let the whole world see the celebration of kindness punks and become a little kinder and better. Take care of yourself in this difficult time and stay safe, because we are nothing without you. I wish you all the love that you give to this world, but multiplied millions of times. Love, Marina @aboomboompau on Twitter and IG
  5. all this gamers stuff in the studio and her tweets about Bayonetta and Fortnight, maybe something is coming
  6. Super Bowl Halftime Show if I can only choose one
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