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    1. I hope so! I wish she reworked the ARTPOP melodies like she first did on other songs at the Joanne World Tour
    2. It was a jooke This is why I put that picture EDIT: Wait were you joking too? EDIT: I wanned to like your comment but apparently I can't
    3. We need more interviews like this one, this is gold!
    4. I hope Taylor (Swift, not Kinney 😂) is involved, her and Gaga were both seen in the same Electric Lady studio months ago 😊
    5. All we got now with Åkerlund is John Wayne 😇😖 Amazing video, but I wish we had this Telephone continuation - maybe later !
    6. I think the one with her dead body is clearly a metaphor of reinvention. She said she discovered that she's already in the future, her current self holding her former body's really similar to the latter, all that's changing is the hair color. I see this photoshot as a transition between Joanne and Chromatica, she's on horses, yeah, but now they're cyborgs.
    7. Maybe she thinks about Oh I don't have access to the door my god not gonna say it Well 10 posts uuh never thought about this forum, so I'm discoverin' it, gonna be easyy Not gonna spam tho I tried joanne, trattoria, eggs, boulangerie, ... *Miranda sings' voice* It's so haard