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    1. Hi, Gaga! This is Daniel, from Seville (Spain). Happy 34th birthday!! One more year wishing you a happy birthday since 2009, when I fell in love with your music and yourself as a human being. Now I am 22, but back at those times I was a little 10-year-old kid who was so happy to have found a referent and role-model to always look at. It was magical to have grown in parallel with you. I grew up as a human being and as an adult I am today thanks for everything you did that influenced my life. You have helped me through my saddest times, cheered me up when I needed to disconnect and dance and encouraged me to be myself and accept that I was born this way! Every era, every album, everything you have done has been a turning point in my life. It is unthinkable to think about my life without you being present in every single moment. But definetely, I can say I don't regret a bit having become a Little Monster. In fact, is one of the proudest things I could say about myself. You are the best idol one person could ever have. After so many years, I could finally see you live in Barcelona at the artRAVE in 2014 and at the Joanne World Tour in 2018. Sadly, I am not able to afford seeing you live this summer at the Chromatica Ball and I am devastated. However, although things are difficult right now, I cannot wait until Chromatica finally comes out (VERY soon I hope) and I could see what this exciting new era bring us. I will be right be your side FOR LIFE. I love you to Chromatica and back. Xoxo, Daniel Ruiz Corchado @DaniGaga16_ on twitter @danilittlemonster16 on instagram
    2. That's impossible to solve omg haha
    3. I typed all BTW songs and none of them were right ;(
    4. I already have 5 posts and I don't see the door ;(
    5. In terms of scenography, perhaps the BTW Ball is the best one but in my opinion, the JWT combined good scenography, moving stages, outfits and her vocals were insane
    6. At every award show possible and Carpool Karaoke and Ellen
    7. They should plan an inmediate release for next Friday