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    1. For Gaga's birthday this year, Gaga Now team has decided to compile a select collection for an letters into a book that will be gifted to Gaga herself. This project was born with the purest intensions to cheer Gaga up during the Corona pandemic, which has resulted in her 6th studio album Chromatica to be postponed. All we ask is for you to write a letter in proper English where you wish Gaga a happy birthday and put a smile on her face. The letter should... Talk about how Gaga has helped you in your life; Be written in proper English; Be a minimum of 300 characters, maximum of 1 page; Use a character size of 12; Have your full name signed at the end (and your Twitter @ tagged if you want); Be cheerful, yet professional, meaning no "Yaas" or small talk. The letters should be posted below as reply or sent by email: [email protected] Any letter that doesn't meet the minimus requirement will be deleted. Tomorrow at midnight European time, the thread will be locked and the best letters to be featured in the book will be picked by our team. The letters will be compiled in an e-book and sent to Gaga's management who will present it to her. Though we will try our best to feature each submission we receive, keep in mind that not all letters will make it into the book. Therefore, try to be concise but memorable to stand out. Only a maximum of 50 letters will be selected.
    2. Lady Gaga Now proudly presents LGN, a mobile app carefully curated by our team, now available for download on Apple Store and Google Play. The app prides to be the first of its kind, and aims to revolutionize the way that our fandom works. DOWNLOAD NOW View full article
    3. Lady Gaga Now proudly presents LGN, a mobile app carefully curated by our team, now available for download on Apple Store and Google Play. The app prides to be the first of its kind, and aims to revolutionize the way that our fandom works. DOWNLOAD NOW The App It has been designed to provide our users with the latest news and events as they are happening in real time, readily available at the convenience of your fingertips. This initial version of the app features a news section, and a calendar detailing the events scheduled for Gaga throughout the year. Each user will receive an instant notification with each major update, and will be able to use the calendar on the home page to keep track of the upcoming events. Features The featured section at the top is free and open to each and every one of our users. In order to participate, users will need to reach a comment count of 10 on our forum, related to any topic. Once the 10 comment count has been fulfilled, the user can head to the featured section and start posting their column. All the rules and guidelines are provided in the corresponding section. For now, you can use this section directly from our website. The app also makes it super easy for users to apply to be a part of the Lady Gaga Now team. The settings section will give the users to submit their applications as opportunities arise. What's To Come Next? We have created our app with love, and sincere interest in the betterment of our community. The app is still in its stage of infancy, with many exciting improvements and features coming in the immediate feature. We are planning to bring our beloved forum to the app in the upcoming weeks, before the release of Chromatica. Once launched, the forum will be at the epicenter of our app, helping to create a massive, yet intimate community of monsters from all around the world. We will also be hosting many exciting games where the winner gets special prizes. Furthermore, we are glad to announce that our users will be able to contribute to the articles featured on our website and the app. The upcoming updates will allow users to customize the app and alter its theme. There will also be countless opportunities to win prizes beyond the forum, described above. We will also bring to your fingertips GAGAIMAGES, the biggest Lady Gaga gallery out on the Internet. Our app is a culmination of immense effort and countless hours of hard work. All we hope for is to you to enjoy what we have created. Love, Gaga Now
    4. Lady Gaga's "Stupid Love" debuts at 5 on Billboard Hot 100. The lead single from the superstar's upcoming studio album has officially become her 16th top 10 hit on the chart. The song has entered the list with a total of 53,000 digital downloads, 23.7 million in audience and 19.7 million U.S. streams across all platforms over its initial week of release. Although Gaga has yet to promote the single with personal appearances and performances, the song has received major support from the radio, streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify, and also in the form of massive billboards around the world. Can we get "Stupid Love" to #1? Stream the single, and we will find out!
    5. Lady Gaga has finally dropped the next episode to her fan-favorite 2011 series GAGAVISION. The 47th episode is now available to view on Instagram via Gaga's official IGTV. The 6-minute video features a look at the behind-the-scenes of the Stupid Love music video, from the rehearsals to the day of the shoot. It offers an intriguing insight into the creative process that culminated in the Stupid Love video as we know it today. Watch GAGAVISION Episode 47 down below:
    6. Lady Gaga's 6th studio album is now available to pre-order on iTunes and other music platforms. The album is called Chromatica, as many fans have guessed from hints available in the Stupid Love music video, as well as on the promotional posters displayed in cities worldwide. The cover art of the album is currently a temporary placeholder for what is to be revealed in the future. The official artwork is to be released soon. The album consists of a total of 16 tracks, and is set to be released on April 10th. Pre-order your copy and download "Stupid Love" instantly. CLICK HERE.
    7. dpasa86

      Premiere: Stupid Love

      "Stupid Love" is here! Lady Gaga has finally released the lead single from her much-anticipated 6th solo studio album LG6. The song is produced by BloodPop and Tchami and has a run time of 3:14 and was released with its accompanying music video at the same time. The video directed by Daniel Askill narrates a futuristic and a magical battle for the power of love. Listen to "Stupid Love" and watch its video down below! The song It has already been added to multiple playlists on Spotify and Apple Music, and has entered the biggest playlist Today's Top Hits at number 1. The song is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and all other streaming and music platforms to listen and purchase. Here is a comprehensive guide to a list of strategies that will push the song to number 1 on Billboard Hot 100. Lady Gaga also took to sitting down with Beats 1 and had a conversation with Zane Lowe about LG6 that you can read about by clicking here. Comment the new Lady Gaga's single on our forum here.
    8. Haus Laboratories is gearing up to launch its next product. After coming out with glosses, liners and a bright red sparkle lipstick, the brand is getting ready to release a brand-new lip formula, LE MONSTER MATTE LIP CRAYON. The product was revealed on HausLabs Instagram page: About the product: Cream-to-matte formula Smooth application Dry down into a comfortable, budge-proof matte finish One-swipe, high pigment coverage Fuller, smoother looking lips Water-resistant Streak-free Shades: The lip crayon is expected to launch with 12 shades that include a range of reds, pinks and everyday nudes. Check out the shade range and the names below: A campaign video was soon released featuring various influencers: Le Monster Lip Crayons are set to launch 2/18 at 9am PT on Instagram Checkout, hauslabs.com globally and amazon.com in the US. The product will launch on 3/17 on amazon.com for Canada, Mexico and China. Take a look at some of the campaign images featuring Lady Gaga:
    9. Lady Gaga’s make up brand Haus Laboratories, has called 6 of the singer’s most devoted monsters to be a part of the brand’s latest campaign. The selected fans will be flown out to Los Angeles to feature in a shoot alongside “Haus Guests” where they will be styled and directed by Haus of Gaga. The rules to enter are as follows: 1. Follow @hauslabs instagram account. 2. Tell why you are the ultimate Little Monster & makeup lover. 3. Live in the USA. 4. Tag 3 fellow Little Monsters to the HausLabs post below: For a bonus entry, share the post above on Insta stories and tag HausLabs. The contest will run from 1/17 to 1/20. The winner is to be announced 1/22.
    10. Lady Gaga is set to open a 2-day Haus Laboratories pop-up store at the Groove shopping center in Los Angeles next week on December 5 and 6. This will mark the first time the brand shifts from e-commerce to physical retail. Fans and makeup consumers alike will be able to feel and shop the products of the brand which are currently sold exclusively on HausLabs.com and Amazon. The pop-up shop will reside between the American Girl store and the Pottery Barn Kids store at the Los Angeles Groove, and showcase the Cosmic Love holiday collection that launched online on December 18. According to Los Angeles Times, the pop-up will include a "full glam room" and offer a chance to meet Lady Gaga's makeup artist and Haus Laboratories global artistry director Sarah Tanno. Tanno is set to be in store, helping the customers with product choices and offering them the tips of a professional makeup artist. The store will be open from noon to 5:30 pm December 5 and from 10 am to 9 pm December 6.
    11. Lady Gaga's Haus Laboratories has launched its new holiday collection titled "Cosmic Love" . Earlier this fall, the beauty start-up released its first ever products which included the Glam Attack all-over shimmer powder colors, Le Riot Lip Gloss, RIP Lip Liner, face lace stickers and the EYE-LIE-NER liquid liner. After a successful initial launch, Haus Laboratories is gearing up for its second launch of 2019 targeted to the upcoming holiday season. The collection is scheduled to be released in 2 parts. Haus Laboratories unveils part 1 of the Cosmic Love Holiday Collection which includes a brand-new SPARKLE LIPSTICK in BURLESQUE and GLAM ATTACK METALLIC CREME liquid eyeshadows. The lipstick marks the first ever lipstick formula released by the brand. Here’s the full list of products included in the collection: SPARKLE LIPSTICK in BURLESQUE The lipstick is described as a universally flattering, true red lipstick which offers one-swipe coverage & glittering shine for ultra-reflective look. GLAM ATTACK METALLIC CREME liquid eyeshadow The Glam Attack formula we all know and love now comes in 4 multidimensional metallic shades. ANGEL BABY COLLECTION Includes GLAM ATTACK Liquid Shimmer powder in ANGEL BABY, RIP Lip Liner in ARC and Le Riot Gloss in ETHEREAL. LEMONHEAD LA SPACEJAM (Available in the U.S. only) Versatile ultra-lux glitter balm by LEMONHEAD.LA, a Haus Labs guest brand featured in the holiday collection. The products are available now to purchase on HausLabs.com and on Amazon.com in US, Canada and China. International pre-orders are available on Amazon with shipments starting 12/15. Watch the promotional clip down below: PROMOTIONAL IMAGES:
    12. Lady Gaga's makeup artist, long-time friend and Haus Laboratories global artistry director Sarah Tanno opens up the doors of her house and beauty closet to Harper Bazaar's Beauty Stash team where she discusses creating for Haus Labs and Lady Gaga's most iconic transformations in American Horror Story, A Star Is Born, and her Super Bowl halftime performance. "This is kinda where it all starts for me. Before I make my mood boards, I like to actually hold and turn the pages of a book" Sarah Tanno reveals to Harper's Bazaar as she points to an image in the book Dior Backstage that served as an inspiration for Gaga's weapon-like Met Gala lashes. The beauty room is extremely organized, covered in pictures of Gaga's most iconic looks and a mood board that spans the length of an entire wall. "Even with Haus Laboratories before I create a collection, sometimes, I make a board to get me in the mood" Tanno adds. She goes on to show the golden lashes that acted as a precursor to Gaga's custom Met look, although the real ones are displayed at Haus of Gaga Las Vegas, she says. Sarah Tanno has previously won an Emmy for working on Lady Gaga's makeup for the 5th installment of the popular FX series, American Horror Story: Hotel. "With Gaga, I get to work in different media for makeup, which I think a lot of people don't get to experience. I get to do TV, film and stage makeup, red carpet makeup, everything you can think of. I've learn so much through all of this, it is such a blessing" Tanno exclaims as she details her experience working with Gaga. "Here I keep all the products that I am testing for Haus Laboratories" Tanno says as she promises to show what is in store for the brand to the interviewer and points to a set of drawers in her desk that contain lab samples and approved products for Haus Labs. She sits down, creates looks and sends pictures to Gaga as she tests out the products. Tanno reveals that her favorite look that she has done on Gaga is the Super Bowl makeup as she opens up a drawer full of custom eye pieces that culminated in the final set of stickers used for the performance. "I was crying on the filed" Tanno says as she describes the unforgettable moment. Inside the same drawer, Tanno also shows the sticker eyebrows that Jackson Maine peels off Ally in A Star Is Born. One of the coolest pieces she has in her beauty room has to be the makeup book that contains the pictures of each of Gaga's 68 original looks from Horror Story from different angles. She reveals that Gaga's makeup looks in Hotel progresses as her love interests change. Working with Gaga, Sarah has also picked up some tips and tricks from the superstar when it comes to makeup. She reveals that using argan oil to remove heavy eye makeup is something she has learnt from Gaga. Watch the interview down below:
    13. Lady Gaga has launched her beauty brand Haus Laboratories on Tuesday, September 17th. The night of the day before, she hosted a massive launch party in LA. In attendance were the most influential names in the beauty industry such as James Charles, Manny MUA, Nikita Dragun, Desi Perkins & more. As expected, the beauty influencers have immediately rushed to their YouTube platforms to record and post reviews on Lady Gaga's makeup line. Here is a compilation of the YouTube influencer reviews on Haus Laboratories: 1. Nicol Concilio 2. Manny MUA 3. Jeffree Star 4. Patrick Starr 5. NikkieTutorials 6. Tati Westbrook 7. Nyma Tang 8. KathleenLights
    14. It's official, the highly awaited launch of Lady Gaga's beauty startup HAUS LABORATORIES is finally here. Starting from today, September 17th, fans and makeup enthusiasts from all over the world can purchase each of the 6 Haus Collections and individual shades of the Glam Attack, RIP Lip Liner and Le RIOT Gloss on hauslabs.com. The products will simultaneously be available to purchase on Amazon US & China while the global launch on the platform will take place October 1st. HAUS LABORATORIES BACKSTAGE VIDEOS
    15. It's no secret that Lady Gaga has been in the studio, recording her much-anticipated sixth solo musical release, the follow-up to 2016's Joanne. She has been extremely silent on the progress of the album; except some subtle teasings via Instagram posts, likes, mischievous exchanges with alleged producers, comments on social media platforms, interviews and even live shows. Check out everything we know (rumored and pretty much confirmed) about Lady Gaga's sixth studio album, below. 1. Lady Gaga's LG6 is in works at least for the past 2 years. Back in August 2017, Lady Gaga revealed to Entertainment Weekly that she has already started working on her next album. "I have started writing. I have a lot of ideas and a lot of things I want to create, so you'll see in a bit. I need some time to create." Gaga said. During a show for the sold-out Joanne World Tour back in November 2017, Lady Gaga told to a crowd: "Sorry Joanne. Gaga's come out to play.", contrary to the usual tag line of the era "call me Joanne." This, for some fans, signified her transition from the pink hats of Joanne to the defining persona of her next body of solo work. 2. "I am pregnant with #LG6" On March 13, 2019, a petty Lady Gaga took to Twitter to respond to the tabloid rumors that she is pregnant. In her Tweet Gaga wrote: "Rumors I'm pregnant? Yeah, I'm pregnant with #LG6" The tweet went viral with over 350,000 likes, and fueled the escalating buzz around the product of Gaga's recent, top-secret musical labor. Although fans have speculated that this might have been hinting at an album announcement or at best, a single drop on Gaga's birthday, March 28th, nothing really happened, as usual. 3. G-A-G-A What came as a huge shock was Gaga's unexpected decision to change all her social media pictures and layouts with an image of white musical notes reading "G-A-G-A" against a pitch black background (as seen below). Of course, fans immediately flooded social media platforms with unwarranted speculations that LG6 must be right around the corner. Although this has been overshadowed by the imagery of Lady Gaga's beauty line, Haus Laboratories, on Twitter and Instagram, the musical notes can still be seen as her Spotify profile picture to this day. However, the post of the "G-A-G-A" tattoo she got on the Valentines Day 2019 again the style of the same musical notes sparked rumors of an upcoming self-titled album, as Lady Gaga is known to get a tattoo dedicated to each one of her studio albums. The name "GAGA" has also been teased by the Haus of Gaga member and Gaga's personal makeup artist Sarah Tanno, who used it as a caption to a picture of Gaga shared on Instagram, from a photoshoot that still remains unknown. 4. Producers SOPHIE Associated acts: Madonna, Charli XCX Genres: Electronic, pop, dance pop, experimental pop Back in 2018, the Scottish electronic music producer Sophie has confirmed in response to a fan question that she has indeed been working with Gaga on new music: "Yes," Sophie says, "Whatever, you know. I am working on a lot of different things. If it comes out, that's cool." Watch the video clip here: Sophie has also, more recently, confirmed to fans that her collaboration with Gaga is "alive and well" and is "upbeat." Furthermore, a recent video clip of one of Sophie's club appearances debuts a song with strong female vocals that fans have been speculating to be Gaga. Here is the clip, what do you think? BOYS NOIZE Associated Acts: Daft Punk, The Black Eyed Peas, Depeche Mode Genres: Techno, electro house, acid house The German techno producer has revealed to Boiler Room back in summer 2018 he has been in the studio with Lady Gaga, working on new music presumed to be for Gaga's upcoming LG6. "She's down [with] techno. What's crazy, too, is she got into modular stuff now. I brought my modular system and she spilled water on it right away, but it kind of broke the ice I guess, and we wrote a f-ing hit! Now she's into modular. She bought a system, and I went back to Berlin and came back and she had a new system and we used that on some of the songs." Boys Noize explained. Check out the following clip from the mentioned interview: The duo has also shared multiple sneak peaks into their top-secret studio sessions via Instagram stories. Late 2018, the techno producer has revealed his contributions to the music and sound design of Lady Gaga's Vegas Residency Enigma, which partly explains the studio sessions the singer and the producer have shared throughout that year. However, it is highly likely that he also has been, and is, a key player in the shaping of Gaga's LG6. BLOODPOP Associated Acts: Justin Bieber, Hailee Steinfeld, Charli XCX, Madonna, Fifth Harmony, Britney Spears, John Legend Genres: Electropop Fans that stuck through the Joanne era would remember that BloodPop has served as a co-writer and a producer on most of Lady Gaga's Joanne, including the Grammy-nominated hit single Million Reasons. It seems that the duo has been back in the studio, working on more music possibly for Lady Gaga's LG6. More recently, his music has been featured in the promo footage for Lady Gaga's beauty brand Haus Laboratories. BloodPop has also left cryptic messages to fan comments on Instagram posts implying that the music featured in Haus Labs promo might be a snippet into Gaga's LG6. The duo has been known to be working together since as early as December 2017, made official to the public with an Instagram story of Gaga from the recording studio posted by BloodPop. MADEON Associated Acts: Ellie Goulding, Coldplay Genres: Electropop, house It looks like Gaga has brought ARTPOP producer Madeon back on board for her upcoming musical project. The French DJ has previously co-produced three ARTPOP tracks: Mary Jane Holland, Gypsy and Venus. Very recently, in an interview with PopCrave, Madeon has shared some insight into the creative process of LG6. "The music she's making is the most Gaga she could make. I think she has some really, really good years right around the corner." said Madeon when asked about LG6. Watch the clip of Madeon on LG6 and Lady Gaga: However, whether we will be seeing a touch of Madeon’s magic on Lady Gaga’s LG6 still remains unknown TCHAMI Associated Acts: DJ Snake Genres: Future House, Bass House Tchami has previously worked as a producer on ARTPOP tracks Applause, Sexxx Dreams and Do What U Want. His music has also been featured on the commercial for Lady Gaga's Haus Laboratories along with BloodPop. Very recently, Lady Gaga has followed the producer on Instagram, leading to the surfacing of some fan fiction that he might also be working on Lady Gaga's next studio release. GRIMES Associated Acts: Mostly herself Genres: synth-pop The Canadian singer and producer is now being speculated as one of the producers/collaborators on Lady Gaga's LG6 after very recently, Gaga has followed Grimes on Instagram at the same time as Tchami. Of course, we all remember that the importance of an Instagram follow as an indicator of someone's involvement in Gaga's musical endeavors was weakened by Rihanna, who was believed to be featured on LG6 after Gaga followed her on Instagram but denied the existence of a collaboration that might have been in works. HANA Associated Acts: Mostly herself, Grimes Genres: synth-pop, indie pop The American singer, songwriter and producer is now rumored to be involved in LG6 after very recently Gaga gave her a follow on Instagram and liked one of her recent posts. Last year, BloodPop has also posted a picture of the musician playing with Gaga's dogs during one of their studio sessions, which has lead fans to think that her presence there might not have been a coincidence after all. 5. Other Possible Collaborators ELI RUSSELL LINNETZ Last year, photographer Eli Russell Linnetz has worked with Gaga on a series of breathtaking images as part of a still unknown photoshoot. He was also involved in the development of visuals for Lady Gaga's Enigma Vegas Residency. However, the rumors on his role as an LG6 collaborator comes mostly from his unusual and cryptic replies to LG6-related Instagram posts and fan comments. MARK RONSON & DIPLO Mark Ronson has previously worked with Gaga as a producer and a writer on 2016's Joanne, and more recently, on A Star Is Born soundtrack, especially the Grammy and Oscar winning hit, Shallow. The duo's recent history of musical collaboration has been enough to start fan speculations that he might also be helping on Gaga's LG6. However, earlier this year, a video posted by producer Diplo on Instagram stories showing himself and Ronson in studio mixing a beat over which a female voice, sounding a lot like Lady Gaga, sings has strengthened the connections between both producers and Gaga's long-awaited LG6. BENJAMIN RICE Genres: Rock, indie rock, pop, indie pop, country Associated Acts: Anne Marie, Little Mix, Britney Spears, Fifth Harmony, Selena Gomez, Bruce Springsteen The Grammy nominated record producer previously worked with Gaga on ARTPOP, Joanne and A Star Is Born soundtrack. Lady Gaga has very recently took to her Instagram stories to share a photo of herself from a recording studio. This photo has then been reposted by the producer Benjamin Rice with the caption "#LG6🔥." The producer BURNS has also commented on this photo, making fans think that both producers might be involved in Gaga's sixth studio album. This is all we know, rumored or confirmed, about Lady Gaga’s upcoming solo studio release. Although Gaga herself is still pretty much tight-lipped on it’s progress, her increased LG6 related teasings on social media might be the signal of an imminent announcement on the horizon. Be sure to check back with Gaga Now to keep up with all #LG6-related information as they emerge!
    16. On August 9th, Lady Gaga issued a heartfelt message to the victims, their families and communities devastated by the recent mass shootings of Dayton (OH), El Paso (TX) and Gilroy (CA). In the letter posted to her official Facebook page, Lady Gaga announced that her Born This Way Foundation is teaming up with DonorsChoose.org to fully finance classroom projects in the affected areas: 14 classrooms in Dayton, 125 in El Paso and 23 in Gilroy. Gaga made clear in her message that the above regions will have "access to the support they need to inspire their students to work together and bring their dreams to life." Lady Gaga wrote, "My heart goes out to those who were taken from us too soon and to their families, loved ones, and communities who are left to grieve. Everyone has the right to laws that make them feel safe in their communities. In this moment, I want to channel my confusion, frustration, and fury into hope. Hope that we are there for each other and for ourselves." As a long-time mental health advocate, she also encouraged the survivors to focus on their mental well-being and support each other through trauma of such a horrifying experience. Throughout her message, Gaga highlighted the importance of being brave, sticking together as a community and asking for help whenever in need. Lady Gaga emphasized, "If you’re struggling, please be brave and tell a trusted someone. Don’t be scared to ask for help, I beg you. If you see a loved one struggling, please be brave and reach out, remind them it’s ok to not be ok, and listen to them. We cannot turn away from ourselves. We cannot turn away from our loved ones. We need each other. Don’t turn away." She also asked fans to come together and help these communities rebuild by donating whatever they can, whether it be time, effort or money, through the link http://donorschoose.org/bekind21.
    17. Lady Gaga's long-awaited beauty brand HAUS LABORATORIES is finally here. The products of the first launch are available to pre-order on HausLabs.com and exclusively on Amazon, where the brand is the first ever celebrity-focused beauty company on the platform. The launch includes three distinct products: RIP Lip Liner, Le Riot Lip Gloss and all-over liquid shimmer powders called Glam Attack which can be purchased individually or in duos and Haus Collections. The line will officially be available, and all preorders will be shipping on September 17 . PRODUCTS & PRICES Duo Sets: 6 Le Riot Lip Glosses - $32 each duo High-shine with shimmer, pearl and pure pigment finishes. 6 RIP Lip Liners - $26 each duo Demi-matte, waterproof and can be sharpened. 6 Glam Attacks - $36 each duo Multipurpose liquid shimmer powders that can be layered on top of other products to transform their finishes or worn alone. Haus Collections: 6 different collections each consisting of a Le Riot gloss, a RIP lip liner and a Glam Attack and comes with a free reusable Haus Laboratories branded makeup pouch - $49 each SHIPPING As of now, HausLabs.com ships internationally for FREE! However, Amazon Prime members will be eligible for free shipping upon purchase on Amazon.com as well. All orders are expected to ship on or by September 17. Click here for more detailed information on each of the Haus Laboratories products.
    18. Lady Gaga's much anticipated cosmetics empire "HAUS LABORATORIES" is finally here! The brand's official website HausLabs.com is expected to go live on July 15th. Haus Laboratories will be the first major beauty brand to launch exclusively on Amazon. The e-commerce giant plans to launch Lady Gaga’s kits simultaneously in nine countries on three continents, including the US, France and Germany, where customers can take advantage of Amazon’s one-day and two-day shipping. Hundreds of millions of additional customers from Singapore to Brazil will be able to buy the brand through its global store. Watch the official commercial below: PROMOTIONAL PHOTO:
    19. Lady Gaga has brought her renowned Enigma set to an eager crowd of SiriusXM subscribers and Pandora listeners at Harlem's Apollo Theatre, in celebration of the two companies' initiative to join forces under the world's largest audio entertainment platform. The audio from the live performance is to be broadcasted this Friday on SiriusXM Hits 1, Howard Stern's Howard 101 and the product of the recent acquisition, Pandora NOW. Earlier today prior to her much anticipated performance, Lady Gaga was spotted leaving The Mark Hotel NYC in a vampy, all-black, head-to-toe leather look. Later in the night, Lady Gaga took the Apollo stage by storm, performing her Enigma set of signature hits and multiple fan favorites. Her "A Star Is Born" co-star Willam as well as the renowned drag queen Alaska were both in the crowd cheering Gaga on as she performed one hit after another and reminisced on her early days of trying to make it. "I am so hot... And it reminds me of when I was 20 and I thought I was so famous and nobody knew who I was..." Watch the clips from Lady Gaga's performance at Apollo Theatre: