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    1. Doubt it, don’t expect a new date until the world has an assurance of when the corona outbreak is gonna be done (most suspect July/August at the earliest but September/October at the latest)
    2. i'm gonna assume the content from this Door was the Coachella stuff?
    3. i think based off of the info we have the second single is probably coming on album release day (most likely Rain on Me with Ariana) which for now is June 5th it seems. I hope so since it's my birthday 5 days later and I could use a new album in time for it.
    4. I suspect the album won’t come out till September/October now because the worldwide pandemic is suspected to last until early-mid summer unless we all get our act together, so I suspect an Enigma & J+P cancellation is coming next. Plus it would make sense since she would want her original plans to stay in order and since Coachella isn’t till October now who knows. Tbf I had heard rumours she was gonna do a Coachella set a few weeks ago and she was gonna bring a guest performer either Ari or Beyoncé.
    5. Yup she’s just officially announced it’s postponed indefinitely till the world health crisis is over. She also said she was supposed to be making a surprise appearance at coachella and do other fun stuff but I’m glad she’s looking after herself and isn’t CANCELLING plans but POSTPONING instead.
    6. Anyway I hope it doesn’t get postponed because I need something to get me through this UK lockdown since I can’t see my family or boyfriend
    7. BTWB > TMB > artRAVE are the top 3 tbh
    8. Possible, but I’m sure I read somewhere Nick Knight is doing the next video but not the album art like we think. I’m sure I heard maybe he’s shooting the images but the guy who made the SL cover is doing the album cover
    9. I wonder if the info is about the album cover or the Ariana song hmmm
    10. Sis that’s literally Angewoman from digimon just with the album font which leaked on it pls... What on earth Btw FNAC updated their description of the album to ”Le 10 avril prochain sortira son très attendu 6ème album studio. Pour ce nouvel opus, produit en bonne partie par BloodPop, Lady Gaga renoue avec les sonorités pop/dance qui ont fait son succès avec The Fame puis Born This Way. Cet album, résolument dansant, puise dans les sonorités 90’s, la Chicago House, et même dans les années 80, à l’image du 1er single « Stupid Love », tout juste sorti le 28 février dernier.” which translates to; “On April 10, her long-awaited 6th studio album will be released. For this new opus, produced in large part by BloodPop, Lady Gaga revives the pop / dance sounds that made her success with The Fame then Born This Way. This resolutely dancing album draws on 90's tones, the Chicago House, and even in the 80s, like the 1st single "Stupid Love", just released on February 28.” so my theory back when she was listening to 90s house bops on the set for Haus Labs is becoming true and we’re gonna get a late 80s/ early 90s revival omg. Maybe the Ariana track is R&B after all.
    11. The original concept was decay of the blonde popstar but because of the dark themes and more stripped back approach she wanted Interscope put a stop to that idea, then the Disney princess in a rave idea came around but she wasn’t allowed to do it because of Disney being a brand and they’d sue if they had non-family friendly content associated with them I reckon.
    12. I’m not gonna lie this is the first time since Born This Way I’ve been fully hyped for a Gaga album, she did the right thing telling us NOTHING till now. Like the album is only a month away and by now we’d have had a single, two promo singles, loads of dynamic descriptions from interviews and song titles and the album cover had this been any other era. It’s refreshing.