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  1. All Stars is a spin-off where queens who didn’t win their seasons and have proved outside of the show they can be Stars come back to compete for $100,000 and a place in the Drag Race Hall of Fame. All Stars tends to be watched more than the regular season and All Stars 2 is widely regarded as the best season of Drag Race ever. The format changed in the second season (All Stars 2) where the queens get to pick who goes home instead of RuPaul every week until the finale where Ru decides who wins the season. They tend to have better fashion, more personality and nobody is really filler or disappointing compared to the regular seasons. The winners so far have been Chad Michaels, Alaska, Trixie Mattel, Monét X Change & Trinity The Tuck
  2. the official cast RuVeal is coming in just over an hour, can't wait.
  3. Y’all are so talented I’m envious haha
  4. Any news if anything is happening today since we were supposed to originally get the album cover and tracklist with an instant grat track today?
  5. well the demo versions out now, the album version is under 3 mins i've heard and this version is nearly 4 mins. Also let's not forget to report leaks so gaga's team doesn't have to stress.
  6. At this rate they might as well just leak the damn demo we have like half of it
  7. There’s another snippet of Free Woman online so perhaps it is coming
  8. I can’t wait to hear Free Woman in HQ finally and 911 because Madeon is a great producer. I also may have purchased myself a Chromatica thong because Gaga knows her target audience.
  9. Hallelujah! FW coming on Friday and ROM on the 15th we about to be FED
  10. Perhaps they’re reverting back to the original June 5th release date
  11. Sis has two fully recorded music videos to choose from so as fun as an at home DIY music video would be I doubt it. I mean she’s in lockdown with her best friend, her boyfriend and probably a staff member or two so there’s bound to be ways she can record something more professional looking
  12. Well... it’s over. Hopefully the rest of the schedule stays the same
  13. Wonder if she’s scrapped the remix and just gonna go straight in with FW next Friday?
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