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  1. Alright folks, What do you think is gonna happen soon? "...and in the end, we will always know. "
  2. You said "I think we all need to spam tweet her to do the Rain on Me Tiktok dance" ahahahah Of course, fans could start asking if she could do it, but usually big tik tokkers ignore small fan groups
  3. MTV Video Music Awards Barclays Center 620 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States
  4. I'm not sure spamming a popular account will affect what they do in any way; those people need agreements to sponsor stuff. Unless her team decides to promote the song this way, there isn't much we can do about it
  5. For Madonna I suggest you to start with her tours, like I'm going to tell you a secret, directed by Jonas Akerlund. It's literally a documentary. For Britney you can find "britney for the record" online, or there are thousands of fanmade stories about her life on Youtube.
  6. Hey, I can see your artwork! And I don't think there is any problem on Twitter; perhaps if you're still worried your should send a DM to @ creativecloud on Twitter and ask if they can see your artwork
  7. Why would we ARREST you? 🤣🤣 good job! Can’t wait to see it in full :) please feel free to update this topic with each episode 💪
  8. These renderings are amazing, the was so much work behind this lyric video, it's insane!
  9. I hope the next singles are better, all her new songs reminds me of Prism / Witness
  10. She's literally free to do whatever she wants ahah
  11. Love it!! And don't worry, welcome back ^^
  12. Please post just one link, the Adobe contest can accept just one entry
  13. Madonna has been doing the most random things since MDNA, don't blame the label if you don't like her artistic choices lol
  14. Hello everyone! I saw so many good artworks for this amazing contest and I'd love to make a thread on Twitter to share them and give all talented little monsters the visibility they deserve. Link below your artworks with your instagram and instagram handle. I'll share them tomorrow
  15. Even tho it was a proper photoshoot, all those pictures have been only used as assets for the movie and they never left the set (apart for 1 merch. shirt).
  16. This is just beyond good, we’ll done my friend 🥺♥️
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