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    1. On July 9th, 2019, Lady Gaga teased her upcoming beauty line titled Haus Laboratories with a mesmerizing fashion video on YouTube. "The last thing the world needs is another beauty brand... But that's too bad." she quotes. Haus Laboratories chose to aim far beyond the regular beauty consumer: "At Haus Beauty we say Beauty is how you see yourself." In the beauty video, we see Lady Gaga surrounded by the most peculiar and androgynous models, celebrating the diversity she always championed and supported since the early days of her career. While promoting Gaga's beauty brand on social media, I noticed a very colorful Twitter user commenting under our posts. I surprisingly found out that it was in fact one of the beauty models featured in the Haus Laboratories commercial! After a quick follow back, I began talking with Fish Fiorucci: the non-binary "golden" model. After telling me they've been a fan of my page for quite some time, we quickly agreed to meet in Milan for a private and intimate interview just a few weeks later. It's was a hot Sunday in Italy when I traveled from Rome to Milan to the photo studio where Fish was prepping for their upcoming fashion week. I stepped into a large private studio where the "golden" model was waiting for me on a cheetah print couch, next to two other artists, naked. FISH: “Thats luke and our producer. We’re working on a big project. Our first together outside the US.” After a few hand shakes and kisses, the two other artist’s gave Fish and I some alone time to speak about just how fabulous the shoot was. I’m now sitting next to Fish while they’re smoking a blunt. The model would be totally naked if it wasn't for their black thong and a pair of 10-inch pleaser heels they through on specifically for this interview. I was still amazed by the size of the location and how filled it was by the many dresses floating from hangers with racks all over the room. I was in fashion heaven. MATT: “Wow it's a big production!” FISH: “We try not to find time for small ones. Go big or go home.” I finally take my laptop out of my backpack and began writing the interview. M: “So, <<Fish>>, that’s how I should refer to you as, right?” F: “Yes. My pronouns are they/them.” Being non-binary must expose them to a lot of unwanted and awkward questions so I understood easily that it was in everyone’s favor to respect Fish for who they are. "Being non binary has given me the chance to feel comfortable in my own body." M: “So Fish ...what an honor is to interview you, thank you for having me, I know you’re very busy.” F: “Of course, thank you for being a trusted source for Lady Gaga news! I’ve been following you for years now.” I wasn't expecting that. After all these years, it still makes me happy when someone recognizes me for all the work I’ve done. M: “You are probably the most peculiar model’s in the Haus Laboratories commercial. What does being non-binary mean to you?” F: “Being non binary has given me the chance to feel comfortable in my own body. A reason to quit asking myself why I dress and act the way I do.” M: “How do you act?” F: “Like a fucking fa**ot! But that's just me. I never want to be called <<a man in heels>>. I just want to be recognized as an androgynous human and not so much male or female.” M: “You're very direct.” F: “What I don't like is how people censor my directness and silence my personality. I enjoy being blunt and I enjoy smoking them too.” M: “I’m sure you went through a lot to get here." F: “It took around 10 years of manifesting and candle lightings” Fish finally decides to get up and starts wandering around the room looking for clothes. They're very tall. Maybe twice my height. It's fun seeing them wander so light around the room even though they have heels as high as Gaga's. They must be a pro. F: “Would it be alright if I change? I have a shoot after this and need a new outfit.” M: "Yeah, no problem. You don’t mind being naked in front of strangers?” F: “Not at all! I like when people start questioning what kind of body parts I have. I’ve been banned many times on Instagram for posting naked photos of myself. But if I were a bigger celebrity, I'm sure It'd be alright. I actually have some old photos of myself naked, edited to look like Gaga's shoot with Eli Russell. Would you like to see them?” They grab their purse from the couch and pick up the phone and start looking through their gallery. "I was forced to act masculine at test shoots and meetings. It was a scary time." F: “I was 18 at the time and was sexually harassed by this photographer.” There is a slight silent moment. I'm surprised how they shouted it out so calmly. M: “...do, you wanna talk about it?” F: “It’s very common in this industry. It shouldn’t have to be, but sadly there aren’t enough rights in this industry to protect us from moments like this. I also think it’s great that my platform is growing now. I can speak about issues like this with no censorship. I’ve never been more encouraged to share my stories until now. Before it was a battle. The photos speak for themselves: my eyes are filled with sadness. I hated myself at that age. I was forced to act masculine at test shoots and meetings. It was a scary time. My innocence made it easier for people to take advantage of me. I know how to use my voice now. I just wish my agents taught me how to. This topic was just too taboo for them.” M: “I believe it’s still taboo for a lot of young kids who want to enter this world.” F: “It’s all a huge battle. Battle for your life! See what I did there?” At first I didn’t get it, but then I remember the quote from the Haus Laboratories commercial. I wasn't really sure how to move forward about the last topic. I wasn't even expecting them to open up so much with me. Luckily, Fish was very joyful, and assured me everything was fine now. M: “How was shooting with Lady Gaga?” F: "Who's Lady Gaga?" I laugh. F: “I thought this was a Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta fan interview!” M: “Then how was being on the set with Stefani?” F: “To be quite honest, it was probably one of the best things I’ve ever experienced in my life. I felt like a star! And to be working closely with one of the biggest pop stars of our generation made it even more worthwhile. I finally felt like I was in the right place at the right time.” M: “So tell me more about the shooting day.” F: “I constantly found myself on set acting like a fool at times. I was just so starstruck. The cameraman would catch Gaga talking to me at times and when she would leave, I’d say <<do you guys know that lady?>> and would walk away with the biggest smile on my face. It was non-stop hard work coming from everyone. The energy was so strong and powerful. We had so much fun shooting on set. It was such a privilege to be working with the same people who created Gaga.” M: “I bet you had so much fun that day. Is it “easy” to work with her?” F: “Fashion isn't easy. Gaga isn’t easy. She’s advanced. If you thought the challenges on American Next Top Model were hard, think again sweetie. We were there to serve and the people were left FILLED.” M: “It was hard, but it was worth it...?” F: “From an artist point of view, I was blessed to be able to analyze every detail about the shoot. From the styling, casting and production, I left the shoot feeling inspired. From a model POV, it was a huge accomplishment. I like to consider myself more <<homemade>> than others, and getting this far was something I never imagined. I did it bitches.” M: “That sounds like a dream, I bet THAT was a real huge production! ” F: “The biggest. If I wanted a donut, I got my donut.” M: “ ...and you also had Lady Gaga next to you. Do you remember anything funny from those days?” F: “She smelled like miu miu perfume.” M: “Is it a bad thing?” F: “I smell like miu miu perfume now. I had to buy it.” The other artist’s re-enter the studio. We talked so much that I almost forgot when they went out. They began unfolding dresses from a table near us, announcing that the other photographer would be coming and that we only had 10 minutes left. "My plan is to advocate for mental health awareness while still being the queer genderless queen that I am." F: “Before we wrap, ask me anything you’re dying to know.” M: “How would you describe Gaga to someone who can’t afford to see her or might live too far?” F: “She’s genuine. She’s a fucking hard worker and has a deeper appreciation for art than many other musical artists. She is God. You know what, I may sound cheesy but her music and persona are the reason I'm still here today. I've dealt with depression at a very young age and spent most of my nights crying and listening to her. I became a victim of her mind controlling music at age 11 and promised to sell my soul one day in return for fame. Gaga is my religion.” M: “Before I go: what are you gonna do now with your life? What’s the plan?” F: “It’s my goal to get famous before the year ends. I need everyone to know Fish before 2020 comes around. My plan is to advocate for mental health awareness while still being the queer genderless queen that I am. I’m a runway model with a loud mouth.” M: “If you could speak to the world, what would you say?” F: “Take My Picture, Hollywood! I Wanna Be a Star!” The other photographer enters the studio. Everyone around me began running around meaning our time was coming to an end. As they began prepping dresses, getting make-up ready and adjusting lights I start packing my computer. It was almost time for me to catch my train. I hug Fish and thank them for their time. But before I go, I remembered a question I should have asked at the beginning of the day. M: “Hey Fish, can I ask your real name?” F: “No” They ran away with a smile on their face and began fitting for their next shoot. A model on the run. Interview by LadyGagaNow.
    2. Lady Gaga was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday with audio engineer Dan Horton. The pair were seen kissing and hugging during their outing together as they dined in Studio City. Lady Gaga ended her relationship with ex-fiancé Christian Carino in February, sparking rumours of a relationship with Bradley Cooper, but it appears she may be moving on with Dan.
    3. Here's your first look at the three high-impact, high-pigment formulas that Lady Gaga and Sarah Tanno have created: RIP Lip Liner, Le Riot Lip Gloss, and the star of the show, a liquid-to-powder shimmer called Glam Attack. Each one comes in six shades and — as the world just learned this week — they will be available to preorder (in sets of two and three) on July 15, starting at 3 a.m. ET. (They will ship at the line's planned September launch.) On July 15 you will be able to pre-order Haus Laboratories products in nine different duos (two lip liners, $26, two glosses, $32, or two Glam Attacks, $36), and also in six different three-piece sets, $49 each. Every three-piece set — or "haus" — includes an RIP Lip Liner, a Le Riot Gloss, and a Glam Attack. " You will be able to pre-order Haus Laboratories products in nine different duos (two lip liners, $26, two glosses, $32, or two Glam Attacks, $36), and also in six different three-piece sets, $49 each, beginning July 15 on hauslabs.com and amazon.com. Here's an extract from Lady Gaga's interview for Allure.com: 1. Lady Gaga wants this line to be no less than life-altering — to pick you up off the floor. "Makeup changed my life. I never felt beautiful, and I still have days that I don't feel beautiful. All of the insecurities that I've dealt with my whole life from being bullied when I was younger, they come right back up to bite me. Then I put makeup on, and before I know it, I feel this superhero within. It gives me those wings to fly. I'm not saying that makeup is the only thing that does that, but it did that for me. "When I became Lady Gaga when I was younger, it was because I discovered makeup and I discovered creating things myself. It means so much to me on a visceral level — the power of makeup to change how you feel when you're at your lowest. But we're living in a time when some people are applying their makeup and still feeling extremely insecure because maybe they didn't get their contour perfectly. Maybe they didn't get that lip line just right. Maybe they didn't blend it properly. These are all things that I just want to explode and completely revolt against." 2. Lady Gaga also wants to revolt against shadow fallout. "I find it quite annoying when I've done my complexion, and then I put eye shadow on and it gets all over my face. And the Glam Attack is incredible because I find that with most liquid eye shadows there tends to be this dry-down that's very cracky and can fall out after several hours, and that's not the case with this. We've definitely tested these products... I will say they're show-proof." 3. And lip pencil fails. "First and foremost, I wanted to create the lip pencil of my dreams. I love lip pencils, but for me there always ends up being something wrong with them. It's either dragging, or it's bleeding. Or you'll apply it to your lips and if you're dry in one area, the color will be really, really dark. If you're conditioned in another area, it'll go lighter. So I can't wear it all over my lips. "With this formula, I can line my lips beautifully, but most of the time, I wear it all over my mouth. It feels like a lipstick, and it does not transfer. The finish is semi-matte and highly pigmented, but if you want to, you can sheer it out and use it almost like a stain. You can put it on your cheeks. I use it all over my face. Every time I put it on, I have this sigh of giant, artistic, creative release that I just… my heart soars. We called it the RIP lip liner because it’s a lip liner to die for." 4. The lip pencils aren't the only multiuse product in the line. "The applicator, [a flat doe-foot with a liner-sharp point], on the Glam Attack gives you the opportunity to apply it very heavily, or lightly and shade it out, or to do both. You can use it as a highlighter. You could use it on your lips, with the exception of Dynasty [an emerald green] — I would not use Dynasty on your lips. The Haus of Rockstar [three-piece collection] has the Glam Attack called Legend. It's this beautiful gold. You can put it all over your mouth. It dries down, but it's not dry. I love a matte lip and I love that feeling of a kissable mouth, but I don't like a dry, kissable mouth. I wanted something that people could feel really sexy in.” 5. The versatility of each product is practical, sure, but also liberating. "I think that the world has, in general, really come to a place where everybody's trying to look like each other. It's almost become like this giant social media beauty pageant competition. If doing a full face of makeup like that makes you feel really good, I'm not going to tell you not to do that, or tell you that it's not cool, or not real. I mean, if that's you, that's you. But I do feel that for some people, they're doing their makeup that way and they're still not feeling good on the inside. It's like they've done their makeup, but they still feel insecure that they didn't do it right, or that they had to do it that way because that's the trend. "At Haus Laboratories, we want you to see yourself. When you look in that mirror, we want you to go: 'That's the you that I love. I'm in love with that person.' I don't want people to feel like they have to look like me." 6. Because even Lady Gaga doesn't feel like that. "I don't feel as chained to makeup in a particular way as I did when I was younger. I felt a lot of pressure to look like, you know — forgive me for calling myself Lady Gaga — but to look like Lady Gaga all the time. As I got older, I had my own revelation that was quite spiritual where I realized that that is who I am; whether I have on a ton of makeup or no makeup at all, that's still me." 7. Haus Laboratories has been two years in the making. "To make my mom proud, I built this company from the ground up, as an entrepreneur. We got an investor, and we put everything together. This is a 15-employee company. I made tons and tons of boards that had all of our imagery, all of our makeup, all of our product shots, all of our model shots. I actually presented it to my mom. I brought her into a room filled with boards and I said, 'Mommy, I've been working on something and I want to show it to you.' She got all choked up and it was a really special moment." 8. But it's also been closer to 30 years in the making. "I've always been really close to my mom. When I was a little girl, I was just fascinated with her morning beauty ritual. I would wake up and I would see her getting ready for work. She would apply her foundation, her lipstick, her mascara. She would look so, so beautiful, and so strong. She just had such a bravery about her, and it was so inspiring to me. I grew up with this understanding that you can be brave in many different ways, and one of those ways is makeup." 9. Lady Gaga will continue to champion makeup from all brands, not just her own... "I use this one product called LipSense from Sally Beauty. It's a red lipstick that's liquid, but it has a topper that you put on to make it set so that it doesn't move. We discovered it before the Super Bowl. Sarah found it. We were like, we want red lips, but we don't want it to move or get on the mic, and I was dancing and singing for my life in front of hundreds of millions of people. It's a very inexpensive product, but it works, and I love it. "I love range. I have everything in my bag from Marc Jacobs' mascara, Velvet Noir, to Maybelline brow gel to Tom Ford and Kevyn Aucoin. I love MAC. I'm not here to be a competitor. I would love to do collaborations with all these brands. I celebrate everyone. Makeup is a beautiful thing. The only thing that I ever find off-putting about brands is when I feel that authenticity is being, sort of, shoved down our throats. I think a brand should be able to stand on its own, with its own pillars, and know that it's authentic, without having to say it." 10. ...and might just pass on her fervor to Little Gagas. "My mom is beautiful from the inside out. What a rare thing. I really hope that when I have maybe a little girl one day, or a little boy, and they see mommy put her makeup on, that they have the same experience that I did. That's the greatest gift of all, when you can connect with your parents." This interview originally appeared here.
    4. The Film Academy has invited 842 new members from 59 countries to join their organization. Lady Gaga is on the list among actors like Tom Hooland, Jamie Bell, Sterlink K. Brown, Claire Foy and Letitia Wright. With the desire to become more inclusive, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science has worked to expand its member roll in the past years. As of now, 32% of its members are female and 16% are people of color. Check the full list here. Lady Gaga won her first Academy Award back in February for her song "Shallow" with Bradley Cooper. Re-Experience that moment below:
    5. After her performance at the Apollo theatre in New York (you can read about it here), Lady Gaga will also release an exclusive 3-song EP from her live performance for Pandora users. The live album contains Poker Face, Born This Way and You and I from the live performance broadcasted on the radio. Make sure to download the Pandora App from the App Store.
    6. Lady Gaga attended Pride Live's Stonewall Day Concert held in New York City on June 28 for WorldPride 2019, in celebration of the LGBTQ riots against a police raid that happened at Stonewall Inn, Manhattan 50 years ago today. Millions gathered at the stage set on the corner of Waverly and Christopher St. as Lady Gaga took the stage to dazzle the crowd in a head-to-toe rainbow look, including crystal encrusted, thigh-high rainbow boots, high-waisted denim shorts and a strapless black bandeau paired with a Versace branded rainbow denim jacket. Lady Gaga has long been an ally of the LGBTQ+ community ever since her first attempts at making it as a world renowned pop superstar. One of her very first singles "Poker Face" has been constructed on the topic of her prided bisexuality, fantasizing about women while sleeping with men. "I love you so so much. Happy World Pride!" said Lady Gaga as she ecstatically opened her fiery speech. "I may not, to some people, be considered a part of this community, even though I like girls sometimes" Lady Gaga added with a smirk. "I would never degrade the fight you have endured" she added as she took on a more serious tone. She stressed the importance of asking a person's pronouns and how they would like to identify as. "You deserve to be addressed as you feel comfortable, respected and loved" Lady Gaga added as the crowed cheered her on. "True love is when you would take a bullet for someone, and you know I would take a bullet for you any day of the week" Gaga said as she addressed the LGBTQ community. She spoke about the need "to change the system of an extremely oppressive administration" and urged the crowed to imagine the impressive progress that could be made in the next 50 years if we keep "injecting the world with this message of unity and passion." "Love each other, raise your voice, and, my gosh, VOTE! DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!" Lady Gaga exclaimed as she ended her politically-charged speech. Backstage at the concert, Lady Gaga hugged and interacted with fellow A-listers such as Alicia Keys and long-time friend Donatella Versace. Watch the FULL speech: Check out the pictures of Lady Gaga from the event:
    7. Lady Gaga has announced new dates for her Las Vegas residency, extending her ‘Enigma’ and ‘Jazz & Piano’ shows until May 2020. The Little Monsters pre-sale begins tomorrow, with general release on June 28. You can sign up here. See the new dates below: OCTOBER Oct .17 - ENIGMA: TICKETS - VIP Oct. 19 - ENIGMA: TICKETS - VIP Oct. 20 - JAZZ & PIANO: TICKETS - VIP Oct. 23 - ENIGMA: TICKETS - VIP Oct. 25 - ENIGMA: TICKETS - VIP Oct. 26 - JAZZ & PIANO: TICKETS - VIP Oct. 31 - ENIGMA: TICKETS - VIP NOVEMBER Nov. 2 - ENIGMA: TICKET - VIP Nov. 3 - JAZZ & PIANO: TICKET - VIP Nov. 6 - ENIGMA: TICKET - VIP Nov. 8 - ENIGMA: TICKET - VIP Nov. 9 - JAZZ & PIANO: TICKET - VIP DECEMBER Dec. 28 - ENIGMA: TICKET - VIP Dec. 30 - ENIGMA: TICKET - VIP Dec. 31 - JAZZ & PIANO: TICKET - VIP APRIL Apr. 30 - ENIGMA MAY May 2 - ENIGMA May 3 - JAZZ & PIANO May 7 - JAZZ & PIANO May 9 - ENIGMA May 10 - JAZZ & PIANO May 13 - ENIGMA May 15 - ENIGMA May 16 - JAZZ & PIANO Don't forget that you can also buy tickets from sold-out shows on SeatGeek.com using our code GAGANOW you'll get 20$ off any ticket.
    8. For the first time ever you can now watch Lady Gaga’s career defining music video, Bad Romance, in stunning 1080p quality! In an effort to improve clarity on past music videos, YouTube is revamping the video quality on tons of music videos, with Bad Romance, Just Dance and Poker Face being among the many. This means that for the first time in 10 years you can see Gaga ride an inflatable whale, play some poolside underwear poker, or murder her lover with a pyrotechnic bra in beautiful quality! Just Dance Poker Face
    9. Lady Gaga and her Born This Way Foundation teamed up with the National Council for Behavioral Health to bring teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA) to Enigma. This fall, the Born This Way Foundation is expanding this evidence-based program to reach more than 20 high schools, empowering young people to support each other in times of need or crisis. Speaking with high school children who have already taken part in the program, Gaga thanked them for their bravery and invited them to join her onstage at one Enigma show. Check out this video to see what Lady Gaga had to say about the program.
    10. Almost 4 years ago, Lady Gaga Now and Spaceneil began a strong partnership with the mutual goal of delivering the best possible merchandising experience to Little Monsters worldwide. With permission to use Lady Gaga's image, Spaceneil and Gaga Now's collaboration brought out the best in some of the most talented artists and designers, as well as engaging in paid collaborations with some of the most talented fans. This creative bond is continuing to grow, helping to support the costs of the Gaga Now gallery and platform, making the ultimate and most diverse merchandising experience for any fan. With merchandise from the Joanne World Tour to A Star is Born and Enigma, including our annual Lady Gaga Calendar, thousands of little monsters have found something just for them, taking advantage of the Free Worldwide Shipping on special occasions and our custom super-pack bundles. Following the growing popularity of this partnership worldwide through the years, we began doing exclusive giveaways on Twitter through games, quizzes and trivia giving everyone the opportunity to win. As time passes we're always trying to give fans something new and original, and that's why we're very proud to present our brand new collection, inspired by the most famous cartoons, tv shows and animations in the world. You can watch the trailer below. We imagined Lady Gaga as a character in cult shows and films, creating a brand new merchandise range featuring all 10 designs to give you the chance to choose your favorite piece from the following: Sailor Moon, Dragonball, Pokémon, One Piece, Bojack Horseman, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Fairly OddParents, Cinderella and Avengers. Starting from today we're also releasing 3 special bundles: 10 Toon Megapack: 50% off this amazing megapack that includes all 10 new designs + free worldwide shipping. Toon Bundle: Get 1 shirt, 1 hoodie and the brand new Gaga Sticker Set. Lady Gaga Toon Sticker Pack: an exclusive sticker pack made with the brand new designs (+ 2 special ones). If you have further questions or you want to collaborate with us, feel free to send us a DM on Twitter, and we'll contact you as soon as possible. We really hope you enjoy our new collection. If you want to support the artist (who also made the Youtube Add), you can follow him on Instagram. Paws Up. Click on any picture to open our shop.
    11. Lady Gaga was invited by Apple to be the first artist to perform inside the new Apple Park in Cupertino, as part of the grand opening on May 17. Gaga took to the stage playing a shorter version of her Enigma show for over 15000 Apple employees, exceeding original predictions of a 12000 crowd, on the Rainbow Stage, built as a tribute to the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The crowd enjoyed the private concert much more those at the Sapphire Conference last week, where Lady Gaga had to motivate the developers many times during the show. The stage was fairly different from the usual setup, including her name in the Enigma font in large LED lights as part of the design. Here are our favorite moments: When Gaga asked the crowd to tell her to go Fuck Herself: Lady Gaga dedicated Million Reasons to Laurene Powell late's husband. "If we could all, 15 thousand of us for one minute, that I will time, I would like silence, in honor of your late husband. I think it takes a true genius like Steve Jobs to be able to make so many people talk and communicate, and also, to leave us speechless. Laurene, you do so much for the world, with the Emerson Collective and so much more that you do. You help people, you're kind. This is the most important thing in the universe, kindness. This is what heals the whole world. So I hope you take this as a true sincere kind gesture. I would not only like to dedicate this to your late husband, but to you for carrying on his legacy." When she talked about being a nerd. "In moments like these I remember having really frizzy hair and a retainer in my mouth at school, and now i go like what the fuck, I'm the first performer at Apple Park. And it's even more exciting because I'm a nerd, and I fucking love nerds and you're just a bunch of fucking nerds. Because you're so fucking smart and so brilliant. And I used to feel so weird and now I don't. I don't feel so weird cause I'm not alone." When she asked the Apple Developers to create a "Be Kind" Emoji. "I'd also like to say thanks to Zane Lowe, because you know, he's always really encouraged me to do whatever the fuck I want. So I'm gonna ask you something, I actually think have to go through a different company and you guys have to approve it. But I would like, if you know anybody, an emoji that says 'Be Kind'. So I'm going to get to work on that."