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    1. Hey ! 24th ? 28th ? ... 😉🙂

    2. Stupid Love will be sent to radios and streaming services very soon.
    3. 1. I doubt Interscope is that smart. 2. Shallow doesn't really need more promo atm 3. dude go to sleep!! ahahah
    4. It's insane how this video went viral in just 2 days. Now Shallow is back on iTunes Top 20.
    5. I'll make sure to do that once we'll have more content! Thank you for your feedback
    6. He's literally one of the most influential art directors in the world, he just "got back" to help her with Enigma
    7. hey ! Do you have some news about the billboard for LG6 ?

      1. M△⃒⃘tt


        unfortunately not, hope they're still coming next week!

      2. Nicolaslm76


        Thank’s ! Hope so too  

    8. You can use an old one, and yes: just one art!
    9. Hello everyone, and welcome to our first Fan Art Contest Create an artwork inspired by our main theme and win a T-Shirt + Toe Bag from our shop! The contest will be divided in 3 parts: SUBMISSIONS: Send ONE artwork as link to @Marges (on our website) via DM before Friday 21st. You can also click here. FORUM VOTING: All your artworks will be displayed on our forum on Friday 21st. Each user with 5 or more approved content will be able to VOTE for his favorite artworks. The Best 6 will enter the final voting on Sunday 23rd. INSTAGRAM VOTING: The top 6 artworks will be promoted and shared along with your artist page on our Instagram profile. The picture that will get the most likes before Tuesday 24th will win! THE THEME: LADY GAGA IN PINK Unleash your creativity: digital drawings, hand-drawings and even photo edits will be allowed. Just keep in mind to not use Leaked Pictures. Good luck and enjoy! - Artists: @maurymedeiros @Tomas Kjenstad @carlosgzz @Victor Tarcio @Sechito @Aivi @Cazzley @Venuss @Nick Nightin @Moy Gogo @Madzik @Inspiartion @platoro