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    1. The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony took place on Sunday (January 26, 2020) at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Lady Gaga had a total of 3 nominations and 2 wins*: Song of the Year - Always Remember Us This Way Best Song Written for Visual Media - I'll Never Love Again (Film Version)* Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media - A Star Is Born Soundtrack* Gaga didn't attend the ceremony this year, breakinga 5 year streak of performances, including last years energetic rendition of "Shallow". During the pre-show, she took home two Grammy awards: Best Song Written for Visual Media for I'll Never Love Again (Film Version) and Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media for A Star Is Born Soundtrack, making her the first artist of the 2020 decade to win a Grammy and first artist to win Best Song Written for Visual Media twice in a row. These wins make her an 11 time GRAMMY Award Winner, following her 3 wins from last year with Shallow and Joanne.
    2. To celebrate the arrival of the new decade, The Lady Gaga Now Team made a comprehensive recap of these past 10 years of Lady Gaga. If you're a new member, or simply a veteran Gaga "stan" we hope you'll find the following Gaga-Pedia (illustrated by the spectacular Fernando Monroy) useful to get yourself ready to the upcoming new decade full of surprise and even more Gaga. Contributors: Artworks: Fernando @FreakMonroe 2010: Muhammad @MuhammadSlays 2011: Lisa @LittleMissSlay 2012: Phil @PhilTBH 2013: Anthony @antpats2 2014: Celeste @CantReadMyJudas 2015: Alex @AlexMalloyy 2016: Sergio @LGMonsterFacts 2017: Roman @MisterBroRo 2018: Frankie & Christophe @frankiefermi @HausOfPheme 2019: Dogukan @dogumonster Please login to our website and feel free to click on all highlighted keywords to view the relative media. CLICK HERE OR USE THE TOOLBAR TO OPEN OUR RECAP.
    3. Billboard talks with Lady Gaga’s hairstylist, Frederic Aspiras, who revealed some inspirations and methods he used to cultivate and attune Lady Gaga to every persona she portrayed for the last decade. Read and excerpt of the interview below. "You can change a person's attitude, mood, and day just by the way the way they feel through their hair." "I was really nervous because I hadn't done a lot of makeup at the time. The kind of generosity he had as an artist was something I really identified with," Aspiras recalls with Billboard. "I didn't really show off my work and style but I really wanted to merge the two. I'm my own role model because we all strive to do better. In no way have I become a master of hair and I'm learning all the time, but I also have a lot to give back and have a lot of responsibility. This journey had really taught me to become a better person and artist." Upon making the successful transition from San Francisco to Los Angeles as a celebrity hairstylist, Aspiras spent nearly four years working with Paris Hilton. He planned on taking a vacation after touring with Hilton -- until he received a call from agent Kent Belden of The Only Agency, who asked if he would like to work with Lady Gaga in 2009. "I had just seen her on stage during an award show, and she needed somebody for her tour," Aspiras continues. "I said, 'Sure, why not, I would love to play with new hair.' I remember working for her the first night and she was so respectful of my ideas. I created one look for the Monster Ball tour, and before you know it, we were bouncing ideas off each other, creating every single look from there." The duo has seen many wins during their career trajectories over the past decade. "With Gaga and I, we respect each other's creative voices," he says. "And with that kind of respect coming from somebody you live for, you create that special bond, you never want to let that go. It brings out something really good in you. That's what friends do for each other." Tell us about the collaboration process between you and Lady Gaga. I look to her as an artist. So how we approach that is usually during meetings for a project. It's so important to listen to an artist, as she brings the inspiration out of you for her vision. I would need to create styles throughout [her shows] that contributed to her story. Sometimes I would recreate hairstyles on wigs so she can try out different hairstyles with different outfits. So I'm constantly [thinking of] new ideas I want to do with her in my studio. What would you choose as the most memorable hairstyles you've created for Gaga over the years? The most memorable moment was for the Venice Film Festival for A Star Is Born [last August]. I saw her step out of the hotel in her feathered dress and cried because it was so beautiful. There was a thunderstorm, I don't know what happened, but it was like a [Federico] Fellini movie scene! The next would have to be the [2017 Super Bowl halftime show] because it was monumental. It was such an important moment in her career so it had to be perfect! And her hair changed halfway. To watch it on playback was beautiful. Another one was the [2012] Born This Way world tour. We became family on that tour, spending day and night together. I created so many styles for it. I never got bored while we toured around the world three times. When we did American Horror Story: Hotel [in 2015], [makeup artist] Kim Ayers and I had to come up with something like 70-90 different hairstyles [for the singer's Countess character]. We were on set sometimes from five in the morning to three in the morning. It was really, really hard but rewarding. How would you describe her current hair aesthetic? She is such a beautiful human being. Her aesthetic so far this year is something that reflects who we are now as artists. I can't speak for her, but I can say I'm a more comfortable stylist now because of her. How do you decide when to use a wig versus her natural hair? We don't decide. It depends based on the looks, style and color. And with things like hair extensions, people have realized they don't need to bleach their hair. If there is a time where I feel like it might damage her hair, I would suggest a wig, which looks just like her hair. So how many wigs do you think you two have amassed together? She has some, but I have all the wigs. I had archived them through the years. I would say there are about 5,000. There's also a collection you can see in Las Vegas, and a lot of them are in New York. What does Lady Gaga like to listen to while getting ready? When she first walks in, I would probably play some Don Henley because you're sitting for so long. I would also bring in some Ace of Base. I would love to play ARTPOP -- it’s my favorite album. I would also play jazz like Tony Bennett, of course. She actually played for me when I went to receive my [Hairstylist of the Year honor at the Daily Front Row Awards in March], and I cried. We have a great time in the trailer talking to each other. It really is like a family. You can read the full interview here.
    4. Lady Gaga surprised thousands of fans at The Grove mall in Los Angeles for the launch of her first Haus Laboratories' palette: FAME: GLAM ROOM PALETTE NO. 1. A special pop-up store was opened by Amazon for the special occasion. The party was announced early last week on Twitter and since then people started queuing up outside the store. Local news reported the huge crowd outside the mall on TV. Check out pictures from the event below: FAME: Glam Room Palette Number 1 is now available for purchase, along with the new Haus Laboratories Holiday Collection featuring new shades and a brand new sparkling lipstick on hauslabs.com or check your local Amazon.
    5. Lady Gaga will headline the AT&T TV Super Saturday Night, which will take place the night before the Super Bowl at Island Gardens' Meridian, this February. Lady Gaga said in a press statement: “I’ve had some incredible experiences performing at the Super Bowl. And am very excited to join the party again this year headlining AT&T TV Super Saturday Night.” Tickets for the Feb. 1 event will go on sale Tuesday (Dec. 10) at 10 a.m. ET here. AT&T TV Super Saturday Night will be live streamed. Come back in February for the livestream. source.
    6. Lady Gaga’s upcoming Haus Labs products have been revealed. The range includes two brand new collections “Haus Of Future Hollywood” and “Haus Of Whiskey”, which will join the seven other collections. Lady Gaga has also announced the first ever eyeshadow palette from Haus Labs titled ‘Glam Room Palette No. 1 - FAME” in a post to her social accounts on December 4th. The palette is dominated by a neutral tone color story, and includes 10 brand new shades Cake, Applause, Curtain Call, Contort, Scotch, Spotlight, Cameo, Shimmy, Supper Room & Top Hat. The palette was inspired by the times when Gaga worked as a burlesque dancer on her way to becoming a major star. According to Gaga, these shades remind her of her time in the lower east side of New York and are reflective of the identity that she carved for herself before launching to global stardom. Gaga also explains why she chose a neutral tones in her first palette over crazy, vibrant colors: "I assume many would expect my first palette to be full of crazy colors, but the truth is when I was first discovering my identity, self-love, and compassion, I used colors that would contour, shape, and amplify my look in a way that made me feel beautiful. That made me feel famous from the inside out, even when no one knew who I was. Step into our glam room, and enjoy the FAME." Take a look at Lady Gaga's announcement posted on Instagram: The palette will be available on HausLabs.com and Amazon on December 5th 9 am PT. The palette will also be available at the Haus Labs pop-up store in The Groove Los Angeles, which was announced earlier last week.
    7. Italian national broadcast company RAI, interviewed Patrizia Reggiani about the upcoming Ridley Scott's movie about the assassination of her ex husband Maurizio (Gucci's Grandson). Lady Gaga is scheduled to play Patrizia. When asked about her thoughts about the movie, Patrizia replied that she didn't approve nor was asked about her opinion about the making. Patrizia was tried and convicted of orchestrating her ex-husband’s assassination on the steps of his office in 1995. She served 18 years before being let out of jail in 2016. Read the full translation by us below: Patrizia Reggiani, did you know that Ridley Scott is about to make a movie with Lady Gaga about your life? How do you feel that they're putting what's happened in a movie? I want to disassociate myself from it because I have two daughters. I don't want them to see what happened and relive the situation about their father. So you're not happy about this news, I suppose you read about it in the newspapers? Absolutely not. What are you most afraid of? The fact that your daughters will experience it again? Yes, exactly. What's your relationship with your daughters today? It's nonexistent. They say I'm guilty because I wanted the inheritance. You mean that famous contract that said that if something happened to your husband Maurizio Gucci, you'd get a huge amount of money? How much are we talking about? Yes that one. I believe almost 1 million Swiss Francs. Later during the show, Italian producer and actress Tiziana Rocca shared her meeting with Lady Gaga in Las Vegas during her promotional tour for A Star is Born, saying how Gaga told her how much she loved Italians and how she still wants to prove to be a good actress even beyond music. Ridley Scott's movie about Gucci doesn't have a release date yet. Ridley is famous for directing Alien, The Gladiator, Blade Runner, Hannibal and many more. Watch the original interview by RAI below.
    8. The Recording Academy has announced the official nominations for the 62nd GRAMMY Awards live on CBS early this morning. Lady Gaga scored a total of 3 nominations for her work in "A Star Is Born". The breakdown of her nominations is as follows: Song of the Year: Always Remember Us This Way Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media: A Star Is Born Soundtrack Best Song Written for Visual Media: I'll Never Love Again (Film Version). Last year, Gaga won 3 Grammys out of her 5 nominations, two for the global hit "Shallow" and one for the piano version of the title track form her 2016 studio album Joanne. Due to the massive, sustained success of "A Star Is Born" ever since its theatrical release last year in October, the soundtrack is predicted to win big the night of the 2020 Grammy ceremony. The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards will take place Monday, January 20th at the Staple Center in Los Angeles, hosted by Alicia Keys second year in a row. Check back again on the day of the ceremony for a live stream, and to find out how many trophies Gaga will end up taking home!
    9. Deadline Hollywood has just reported that Lady Gaga has been cast in her first movie role after her breakout performance as Ally in “A Star Is Born,” as Patrizia Reggiani in Ridley Scott’s new movie about the assassination of Gucci's grandson Maurizio. Ridley Scott is an acclaimed director and executive producer, with his most notable works being the iconic movies such as Alien, Blade Runner, and, one of Lady Gaga’s favorites, Thelma & Louise. The ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci was tried and convicted of orchestrating her ex-husband’s assassination on the steps of his office in 1995. She served 18 years before being let out of jail in 2016. The film is not yet attached to any particular studio but Ridley Scott’s first pitch stop will be Fox/Disney. Lady Gaga recently won an Oscar for Best Original Song writing the song “Shallow” for her movie with Bradley Cooper, “A Star Is Born” and was also nominated for Best Actress for the same role. More info coming soon. Source.
    10. Grammy Nominations
    11. Lady Gaga's dress from the 2019 Golden Globes is set to go on auction at the end of the month. Sources tell TMZ that Gaga left the Valentino Haut Couture dress behind after winning a Golden Globe as Best Actress for her role in A Star is Born. A maid at Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles found the dress in Gaga's hotel room last February and brought it to lost and found where it sat until the hotel gave it to her back. Now the maid is trying to put the dress on auction. The dress came with a note from the maid: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ someone from Valentino made an incident report with Beverly Hills Police on Friday about the missing dress. We're told the issue is being worked out between the hotel and designer ... and the dress will likely get yanked from the auction block. Lady Gaga's dress is a Valentino Haute Couture periwinkle blue gown, designed specifically for Lady Gaga with cascading silk faille and a 10-foot train -- an homage to the dress worn by Judy Garland in the 1954 version of "A Star is Born." Gaga's dress should go up for sale on Halloween via Nate D. Sanders Auctions, and bidding opens at $8,000. Source.
    12. The 47th Annual American Music Awards announced their nominations today, and Lady Gaga scored two nominations. "Shallow" has been nominated for "Best Collaboration". "A Star is Born" has been nominated for "Best Soundtrack". For the very first time, you can go on google.com to vote for your favorite artists. You can submit up to 30 points per day split among all your favorite stars. The AMAs will take place on November 24 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and will be broadcast on ABC.