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  1. from each album Summerboy Speechless Heavy Metal Lover Venus John Wayne Always Remember Us This Way
  2. Every DJ White Shadow remix is fantastic. But the DWUW one is my favorite. I just wish it used her solo vocal cut.
  3. ARTPOP seemed to really naturally evolve - maybe the direction for imagery changed from what she was hinting. But it at its core seemed to stay the same, it was always about her relationship with fame, but not just fame - the pressure to create art in the public eye and with the expectation of it being a financial success and all that goes with that. The celebrity of it all both the glamour and the darker parts. The album balances it all right from the beginning with Aura. It reads like a book about her struggle to maintain her level of creative vision, her financial viability, and her own individuality as a human being and not just as a pop star.
  4. Unpopular opinion but I don't like features for Gaga. It always feels jarring to me because it's usually artists that are close enough to collab but far enough difference wise that it just feels like the middle ground is hard to find. It's never bad, it's just - different...
  5. ARTPOP at the iTunes Festival is amazing! Truly just a very ethereal feel that can't compare even to the biggest productions she has done for me.
  6. ARTPOP and Joanne. They are the most sincere I feel.
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