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  1. YEEEEEES, the cover seems a little bit different, i think the leaked cover looks better but it still a serve i think she will share the cover tonight
  2. Don't you have any info about promo songs coming this month?
  3. HER BEST COVER EVER when do u guys think gaga will post the hq image on her social midias?
  4. @M△⃒⃘tt have u gotten any information about a promo song coming on april or may?? i can't believe she will let us with nothing to hear in this quarentine
  5. I think was the date of the next single
  6. The album cover? or A performance announcement?
  7. The week is about to end and you don't give us the riddle haha
  8. @M△⃒⃘tt sis, we're waiting. just drop the tea already I think it's the date that Gaga will revel the album cover or who shooted it
  9. waiting... i hope it's something to do with chromatica
  10. Nothing On (But The Radio), Out of Control, Princess Die, No Way e Second Time Around
  11. Gaga has a song with Grimes on LG6.
  12. the password is only one word or it have two or more? numbers?
  13. I can't imagine a concept with this name
  14. Like this!!!!! Not "GAGA" with alphabet letters but just with the music notes
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