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  1. YEEEEEES, the cover seems a little bit different, i think the leaked cover looks better but it still a serve i think she will share the cover tonight
  2. Don't you have any info about promo songs coming this month?
  3. HER BEST COVER EVER when do u guys think gaga will post the hq image on her social midias?
  4. @M△⃒⃘tt have u gotten any information about a promo song coming on april or may?? i can't believe she will let us with nothing to hear in this quarentine
  5. I think was the date of the next single
  6. The album cover? or A performance announcement?
  7. The week is about to end and you don't give us the riddle haha
  8. @M△⃒⃘tt sis, we're waiting. just drop the tea already I think it's the date that Gaga will revel the album cover or who shooted it
  9. waiting... i hope it's something to do with chromatica
  10. Nothing On (But The Radio), Out of Control, Princess Die, No Way e Second Time Around
  11. Gaga has a song with Grimes on LG6.
  12. the password is only one word or it have two or more? numbers?
  13. well

    Stupid Love

    In your own twitter account or GagaNow's account?
  14. well

    Stupid Love

    omg, i hope they haven't changed plans and canceled the feb 17 announcement
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