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  1. This si all il be think about all the way up until the show
  2. I got my GC EE but I feel like I can't get too excited until I hear her sing the first line of the opening song
  3. OMG I loved that movie and thats one of my fav Gaga songs. I used to love making videos like this with my fav gay characters
  4. Oh god I can't be having a third show cancelled on me :(
  5. The super set with deluxe cd vinyl and cassette #1 then also bought cassette #2 &#3 on their own
  6. If it does end they best release a recording I know we have the super saturday night video but its in terrible quality and misses out the best bits
  7. Hoping to get tickets for the London show
  8. yeah true I wonder if the lip liner shades will become lip crayons i know couple of them look similar colours but yet to see them swatched next to each other
  9. I wonder if she will ever do a liquid lip
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