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  1. That was actually 20 people on one song. You tried though.
  2. It's obvious when you see the Amazon website though. They're focusing on delivering essentials items and all the other deliveries are suffering major delays. Haus lab products don't even show up in the search results since the pandemic hit. 🤷‍♂️ They definitely weren't up to handling the distribution of the new products.
  3. Didn't you say June 30th earlier?
  4. Love these! They're so cute! ❤️ Stefano did an amazing job.
  5. You can see in the video that the guy skips from 0:01 (people talking) to 1:08 and that's when the first verse starts.
  6. That's actually the length of the recording, not the song. Because at 0:01 you can hear people talking/screaming meaning that's when the person started recording on their phone. The recording was then titled 'Babylon'. I guess that could mean the full version won't leak like stupid love (as this is a recorded snippet).
  7. Yeah, me too. When do we get the hint, Matt?
  8. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question.. but is this better/clearer than YouTube?
  9. I know! She has done weird makeup in the past, a lot of it in the TFM and BTW eras - the ARTPOP era too, but people still think she's that weird Rah Rah b*tch. Even after C2C, Joanne and ASIB like... And also people forget that it's what you do with the makeup that makes it weird, you don't get "weird makeup" straight from the package, lmao. You could do plenty of Gaga looks with her Glam Attacks alone. It's how you use them. (And not to mention she was ALL about glitter during the Fame era, smh)
  10. It's definitely gonna be there somewhere down the line. Like Sarah said they're gonna put out everything in HL and even stuff we don't expect. The reason it's not here yet, I feel, is because of the brand, image and aesthetic of Haus Labs. It's to let your inner freak out and to play with makeup any way that makes you feel beautiful, to have fun with it. You can't really say "Our Haus, your rules" then say "now take some foundation to cover up your face", lmao. That'd be pretty paradoxical. Also, with all the products that are out so far.. people don't think they're crazy enough. Like they expect a Gaga brand to go batsh*t. Could you imagine how they'd feel if HL dropped some generic foundations so early? The twitter trolls would have a field day. They'd also have to come up with something better and/or different from Fenty's foundations if they want it to stand out (or like sell, lol).
  11. Is there any truth to that? How would Gaga even have power over another label? And Gaga wouldn't even feel threatened if a similar album was released after she did. That makes Porcelain Black look unoriginal, not her, lol. We all know Gaga would never do a thing like getting in the way of another artist.. but even if she did, the reasons don't make sense at all. TFM was huge and untouchable (especially compared to a new artist like PB).
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