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    1. inb4 the fight turns into a porno.
    2. Aww that picture looks beautiful! Can't wait! 😄
    3. As a gay man.. I would like to challenge your title. Somebody hold my meat purse. Me in this thread:
    4. I think it will be a mix of ARTPOP and Born This Way in the sense that.. Born This Way was an album about love and acceptance and ARTPOP was an explosion of creativity and all its colors. So what I feel is, like Stupid Love (which is likely to set the tone of the whole album), LG6 will be a colorful, happy album that will be about spreading love & joy and being loved / being kind. (not in terms of lyrical content per se, I mean perhaps the intention of the album would be to bring more kindness, love and positivity to the world through her music) But to answer the OP specifically, I loved how music-heavy ARTPOP was and its production but I doubt Gaga will make music like that again since she's been focusing and showcasing her vocals more lately (which is amazing as well). You can hear a lot of strong vocals in SL too especially as the song nears the end.
    5. Tbh I'd prefer if she moved on.. actually I'd prefer if everybody moved on because it's almost 10 years old. 🙏
    6. omg I was thinking this too. But it could be 50 as well. I sure hope not.
    7. 1. You could also go with a quote of hers that you love. 2. it could be related to something both you and Gaga strongly believe in like spreading love and kindness, Equal rights, etc. 3. it could be something Gaga has made you feel or something you took away from your time knowing her like Bravery, Courage, Pride, Self-love etc. 4. It could be something that makes you think of Gaga like an animal/bird or a symbol, sort of like a tribute to her.
    8. I suspect the same as well. Like someone could so easily record the track by playing it on speaker and mix it with some live vocals from some place.