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    1. I've seen a lot of people saying that they think that Gaga will completely revamp Enigma after Chromatica's release (whenever that will be), but I disagree. While I'm sure Gaga will replace a few numbers with Chromatica tracks, I don't think the show will change that much at all. Enigma is more like a greatest hit show for tourists and locals, it is not really for promoting Chromatica. I think she may add/ or change an outfit or two in the show and change/add 2 or 3 songs in the show, but it won't be too different. It still has to fit the show and her whole theme and Enigma concept. Plus, I think she said that she wants the Chromatica tour and Enigma shows to be completely different and not alike. I do hope that she does switch up the show a little though and I look forward to where she goes with it.
    2. I'm so excited. It looks amazing. Exceeded my expectations. GAGA is here.
    3. Not sure if this is supposed to go in news/events or here, but people have been uploading their own remixes as podcasts on spotify! https://open.spotify.com/episode/2SRAYnfLhwJpaM7usCaSxd?si=d9PFP7nPRDK2799MTrJb-Q https://open.spotify.com/episode/1FaD1jLzit0lI4zOgKOkc4?si=EZSzbICSRaWK9AwcoV0_8w
    4. She plays instruments and also now co-produces her records. She's had a few different sounds over her past eps, and her album. Her sound used to be more punk, but in more recent times she's gone to pop. These aren't necessarily her hits but they are a few of my favs... It's hard to choose cause I dont know what you're into haha.
    5. Well, if we are all cautious, isolate, and do our part to help prevent the further spread of the virus, maybe rates will be down by then.
    6. Emma Blackery has just announced her lead single 'Wolves' from her upcoming EP. Emma Blackery has been teasing the song on her YouTube channel and social media for a while now, and today she confirmed that the song is coming next friday. It is unclear whether or not she will release the music video on the same day or now, but i think she will. In the meantime while we're waiting for the release, stream her discography! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0fEOtHhcy9SylHjFIsC7B4?si=zG95mdlxQbuFF8z4u3Ch9w
    7. In Australia it's getting kind of freaky. But people are doing their part and rates of corona are already starting to go down.... It's a very scary and hectic time. It's pretty unpredictable really.
    8. I hope this is true... Like the people magazine said her name, but her name isn't in any of the promo photos for it with the lineup... Surely they'd announce Gaga... She's bigger than half of the people in that list.
    9. This observation has probably been made already, but gaga said that the chromatica tour will still be going ahead, so surely she will drop chromatica before the 24th of July (the opening date for the tour) , right?
    10. Let's just hope it doesn't leak like Dua... YES LITERALLY. Period. The production on this is immaculate. The cowbell, the keyboard/piano, the vocal sample... I live girl I live.
    11. Devastated about the leak. Won't be listening til it's release but I'm so excited. Every review I've seen is very very positive so I hope it lives up to those reviews for me. Loved all of the singles, performances and visuals of this era so far, looking forward to what it's to come in the future.
    12. Future Lovers has been stuck in my head so much recently. Fav albums: coadf, erotica, madame x, Rebel heart. I also like ray of light and bedtime stories. Human nature has some of the best choreography in a music video that I've seen in my time.