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  1. I gotta be the one to say it.... I prefer this version 1000 times over the digital version.
  2. In no order: Tfm, born this way, artpop.
  3. Plastic doll grew on me. I'm disappointed with free woman, as I prefer the demo by far and the released version is... Just not the same, but I still like it.
  4. Fun Tonight hasn't grown on me yet... That's the one track (and Enigma) that just hasn't clicked with me yet. Also why has there been so much hate towards Replay? That was one of the first songs I clicked with. I love it!
  5. I'm so excited for the release of the Haus Labs version of Babylon When are they gonna put the deluxe edition on streaming services? I'm dying to hear Love Me Right and the 1000 Doves piano demo
  6. Upon first listen, I felt so let down and disappointed. I thought the lyrics and production were really basic and generic and the album just wasn't what i thought we were getting, but as I've listened over the day, it has been growing on me. I bought my standard copy today and had to order the deluxe. Still haven't heard the deluxe tracks (except for the remix) as they aren't on streaming platforms yet... Hopefully they go up soon. I have heard good things about LMR. Looking forward to the visuals, tour, haus labs version of Babylon and whatever else this era has for us!
  7. GUYS! ITS OUT! ITS AMAZING! it's different from the original leak, but I love love love it. I'm so happy
  8. Omg I saw the notification and I thought a demo had leaked haha
  9. I'm not mad. From what I've heard, rain on me sounds like the kind of song that can't go for too long because it overstays its welcome and loses the spark.
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