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  1. I'm obsessed with this omgg
  2. do you have this one in better quality? [Hidden Content]
  3. so the leaks is real? like REAL real?🤨
  4. I only heard people talking in the one audio clip of Haus Labs launch party but there is some clicking sounds in the "demo" snipet
  5. 23 for now (Deluxe 20 + Target 3) no news on the Japanese edition but i'm pretty sure it's the same as Target (unless they add a music video dvd or some exclusive track/remix)
  6. i have the shallow instrumental (with crowd noise) idk if it's official or not but it sounds very clean
  7. pretty sure they will come up something better than that
  8. bet that acc just play around with "2020" and wait for someone to freak out
  9. "an exclusive outtake from Art Streiber's 2019 Photoshoot for Variety."
  10. LA Weather? what? umm chile anyways so nvm 🙂
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