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    1. Lady Gaga will grace the cover of ELLE US Magazine’s December issue. It’ll include an interview to the star by the one and only Oprah Winfrey, to whom she opened up about her career and mental health. The news broke when Elle editor-in-chief Nina Garcia shared a fashion film from the cover photoshoot set on Instagram. Gaga stuns in a variety of different outfits and accessories by a myriad of brands, including Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Balmain, Armani, Givenchy, Tiffany & Co and more. LISTEN THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW: When asked about how she has become more of herself over the past 10 years, Gaga said: “I consider myself to be a kindness punk. I look back at everything I’ve done, and I look at what I’m doing now, and punks, you know, have a sort of reputation for being rebellious, right? So for me, I really view my career, and even what I’m doing now, as a rebellion against all the things in the world that I see to be unkind. Kindness heals the world.” She also dishes out on letting go of her character as Ally: “Well, actually, the character of Ally stayed with me for a long time. I had to relive a lot of my career doing that role. I don’t know how you feel when you’ve acted, but for me, I don’t view it as filming a movie. I film it as living the character, and it’s a moment in my life, so I relived it all again, and it took a long time for it to go away.” Read the full interview here and grab your copy of ELLE US Magazine when it hits the shelves.
    2. Lady Gaga and David Beckham reflect on their careers in this video, which introduces the second part of the Tudor Watch's 'Born To Dare' campaign. Watch below. Lady Gaga opened up about her partnership with Tudor in a new interview by the Telegraph.uk. Read an except from the interview below: Two years ago, when Tudor announced Lady Gaga as its first official celebrity ambassador alongside David Beckham, some of the brand's die-hard fans expressed their reservations. The link between the then 91-year-old company and the outspoken artist and activist felt tenuous to them, but for Tudor the message was clear. Lady Gaga spoke with the Telegraph about her partnership with the brand and opened up about why she chose to be an ambassador for them which you can read below. Tudor agreed to work with director Mark Romanek for its very first campaign with Gaga. The idea was to have the two sides of Gaga battle against each other in a piano duel.The result is a short film that she refers to as daring, celebrating her talent as a musician and relating it to Tudor's talent as a watchmaker. "Sometimes in this industry, people just want to use your face and your fame to sell a product, but that is not at all what this is," she says. Gaga likens it to her two different shows currently in Las Vegas, Enigma and Jazz & Piano. "It's like the Tudor commercial, showing two sides to me," she says. "I came to Vegas, and thought why only offer one part of what I do when I've been performing jazz music since I was a little girl? Why wouldn't I bring all of the weapons in my arsenal with me to tackle this town?" "Style was almost like shedding a skin. I would dye my hair, or wear a wig, or change my clothes, and my style would just be completely different because I wanted to feel like a different person. "I'm more grown up now and my style has changed, but I still transform from day to day. There's a lot of pressure in the world to look a certain way and I think people try to keep up all the time. I'm not really into that. When I'm zigging, I like to zag later." [...] Tudor gave me a wide variety of watches for all sexual identities. I experiment with stacking them and wearing multiple watches together. It might seem silly to some, but I think it's quite fun and daring to wear several watches that all tell the same time at once." "I reinvent myself because I like to," she says. "It challenges me. I've asked myself recently, 'Why do you always have to make something new? Why can't you just relax?' And the answer is, 'I don't know'. The reward is in the creative process - and that's also something that Tudor loves, being innovative and different but also honouring its heritage as a brand." Despite being fiercely proud of her music, Gaga insists that she would rather people remember her for speaking out. "I think that if you become a big star, you have a duty to use your voice for good, to inspire young people to be brave, to have a purpose in the world that goes beyond their beauty or being loved for having lots of [social media] followers," she says. "If I'm not artistically fulfilled by a collaboration and I don't believe in what it stands for, then there's no point. Working with Tudor is working with people who don't try to change me to sell their product, which is unique. The brand is a rarity, a diamond." Read the full interview here.
    3. Bappi Lahiri has revealed that he recently recorded two duets with Lady Gaga. The Indian singer, composer and producer recently broke the news while speaking to the Mumbai Mirror, where he opened up about the upcoming tracks. He didn't give many details away, but he did explain that Gaga sings both tracks in English while he sings in Hindi. While no release date has been set yet, Lahiri said that he is now waiting for the release of the two tracks to be green lit, and he hopes they are released by the end of the year. He recently celebrated 50 years in the industry as a composer, and is famous for popularising the use of synthesised disco music in Indian cinema. The news of this collaboration broke just days after Gaga tweeted 'Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavnatu', a Sanskrit mantra and Hindu prayer. It translates to "May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all". It is unclear whether these tracks are intended for Gaga's upcoming sixth album or not, but it looks like new music is definitely on the way. Read an excerpt from the interview with Bappi Lahiri below. Speaking to the Mumbai Mirror, he said, "Yes, two duets, with her singing in English and me in Hindi in my inimitable style. We are now waiting for the release to be greenlit, hopefully by the year-end." You can read the full article here.
    4. Lady Gaga is set to drop her beauty line “Haus Laboratories” in the coming weeks. She began teasing the products many months ago, and has been recently spotted wearing “Haus Laboratories” merchandise, a company she previously created for the release of her perfumes “Fame” and ”Eau De Gaga”. A website under construction featuring a newsletter signup has been available, but will shortly open as a webstore for the products. No official announcement has been made as of yet. The site will feature a range of products, including “Haus Makeup”. The specific product types are yet to be revealed, but they will be available in various shades, and a digital hand and swatch will be visible, showing off the variety of colors. The website will also feature a "reward" program. Below are images of models wearing Haus Beauty products. We can reveal some of the product names, including “Amazing Duo”, and “Ayres Chambray”. Stay tuned on hauslabs.com for updates.
    5. The encore version of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s 2018 global smash film is out now to purchase on DVD and Digital. Users who previously purchased the original version of the film on iTunes and Vudu will have the encore version automatically added to their libraries at no additional cost. The encore version of the film, featuring 12 minutes of additional footage and unseen performances, was released in select theatres worldwide in early March, following the success of the original version through awards season. Notable additions include: Diggin’ My Grave performance Is That Alright? Performance Jackson and Ally writing new song ‘Clover’ Ally planning her world tour Extended parking lot scene And more, so be sure to check it out and try to spot all the differences.
    6. Lady Gaga made her stage return last night closing the Sapphire Now and ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. The 3 day convention takes place every year and is an event that draws in both local and international guests from companies that come together for innovative workshops, keynotes, discussion panels, technology previews and more. On the closing evening each year, they have a musical guest who performs exclusively at a nearby arena. All members of the convention are open to attend, subject to availability. No show tickets were available to purchase by the public. Demand was high for Gaga’s show, with the arena reaching full capacity (23,000), leaving some guests needing to be turned away. low: hidden; height: 692px;"> She closed the show with global smash Shallow, and each of her band and team members introduced themselves before taking a final bow and thanking the crowd for coming along. Check out the full setlist below: Lady Gaga returns to Las Vegas for the second leg of ‘Enigma’ and ‘Jazz & Piano’ shows on May 30. Don't forget to use our code GAGANOW to get $20 off any ticket on Seatgeek.com.