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  1. Thanks!! I was just too worried Yes, we all know her, we know the good person she is. But all the comments I read on twitter... At least she's not the one with the blackface, but still....I am just worried this could ruin her reputation, if the picture will start circulation even more 😞 Like I said, it's a very delicate topic in the US. I hope her team is gonna deal with it
  2. Hey monsters, Maybe it's just me, but I am a little bit concerned by this situation. During the last few weeks I have seen many tweets and posts on instagram with that picture of Gaga in a gay club in Berlin, in 2011. I remember when that picture came out back then, but with everything that is happening in the US right now, it looks like suddenly everybody remember about that picture and is trying to expose Gaga and saying she's a racist! Honestly I have no idea what she was doing there, with those people, but we all know she is not a racist, and I am worried that this is gonna ruin Gaga's reputation. This is a really delicate topic in the US, especially right now. I don't know if we can do anything about it, if we can somehow report this picture, what do you guys think? This is an article written by the photographer in 2015: http://ladygagaracist.blogspot.com/ This post is from 2 days ago: https://www.instagram.com/p/CB6EqXThoqY/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link And there are many tweets with the hashtag #LadyGagaIsOverParty
  3. Thankssssss!!! That's exactly what I was looking for! I couldn't find it lol ❤️❤️
  4. Hey! Does anyone have the list of all of the kinds of tickets/packages for the Chromatica Ball + prices? (possibly for the show in London) Thanks 😊 I have already asked for the refund for the show in Boston. Not sure about the European dates.
  5. I noticed that account earlier....people really have nothing better to do.... I reported it!
  6. Am I...what? Yeah Enigma too!! That would be good actually. I think she's gonna choose Alice tho.
  7. I got my Stupid Love cassette last month, and I ordered it back in February/March. The one and only thing that actually came in this era...
  8. I have a ticket for the Boston show too, but I don't live in Boston, so I really hope it's gonna be postponed and hopefully I will get my money back Also, have you already got the free copy of the album via mail? I never got the e-mail with the info on how to redeem it
  9. Replay is definitely my favorite so I choose Replay, but also Free Woman or Alice, I think they would be good on the radio. (Where are Fun Tonight, Plastic Dolls and 1000 Doves?)
  10. Hey everybody 😊 What do you guys think about the tour? Do you think it's gonna be postponed/cancelled? I took for granted that the tour was postponed, but so far we haven't got any updates and the tour starts next month. With the virus still spreading in the US how are Gaga, her musicians and dancers gonna rehearsal? I don't think they started working on the tour yet. Boston Mayor announced that the city will not host any parades or festivals this summer, through at least Labor Day, which is in September. So no concert in Boston? I think France cancelled concerts and festivals too I really hope to get updates asap cause everybody has to plan, and even though I would love to see her this summer, I hope that it's gonna be postponed
  11. I ordered it too, I contacted them and they told me that they don't know when the item is gonna be shipped, but I can ask for a refund if I want I don't understand why they are not shipping any albums in the US, but they did abroad. Fedex, Ups, USPS etc. are working perfectly, so I really don't know what to think.....maybe Gaga hasn't signed them yet? Anyways, this situation is so annoying...
  12. THIS IS AMAZING! Thank you so much, I was just looking for this, especially the Chromatica font. Thank you!!!
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