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    1. Yeah, it definitely looks like she'll be attending the Oscars, or at least the party. We got something to look forward to.
    2. Wow, I was not expecting the Joanne World Tour to be that underrated. As much as I love the beyond imagination production of the Born This Way Ball, I have to admit that Gaga's best vocals were definitely during the Joanne World Tour.
    3. Album shoot: Born This Way Single shoot: The Edge of Glory
    4. We got to a point where we believe everything and nothing
    5. Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, and miss Christina Aguilera 🍭
    6. I love it!!! It looks freaking awesome. Do you have more?
    7. Heavy Metal Lover should definitely get some recognition on the setlist and replace a single that's been done too many times, it's one of Gaga's most praised and hailed fan-favourites after all.
    8. I think this one of the first live performances I've ever watched from Gaga, and it's so painfully underrated. It's just flawless. I'll never shut up about it.
    9. Starstruck is the most solid answer. For that time, that song was a perfect choice for a single, truly a major hit waiting to happen. It had everything, from a Flo Rida feature, to a hip-hop inspired production. Isn't it Platinum eligible too? That says it all.
    10. I'm most excited about the interviews she will do for this album. To me, it's always fascinating when she explains her creative process and sources of inspiration.
    11. The font is a little too big in my opinion. Is there something to be done about it?
    12. High school senior for now